ON JUNE 26, 1997 AT 1:40 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.

We hear so many conversations on the education of children, with adults concerned over the concepts that are used regarding subject matter that is different than what mankind usually considers the subject matter for children, such as arithmetic, reading, spelling, history, geography, and some science, according to their degree of age.

Let us now talk on the subject of what a child of any age thinks as right or wrong.  Little ones do not look at two words: ‘moral or immoral’.  It is strictly ‘right or wrong’.  How many adults, in their decisions, choose these two words to base their decisions on:  Is it ‘right’ or is it ‘wrong’?  I would say at this time, it is not done so simply, nor is it practiced so logically.  Many decisions are based on the conditions the individual or individuals are faced with, the degree of morality they are faced with, also what complications could arise on certain decisions.

You live in a time that is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, but when We Here speak Those Words, They are oftentimes passed over, ignored or even replaced, because of the year in which mankind is almost addicted to, regarding decisions of modernization of the times that supposedly have changed what is moral, what is immoral.

I could speak a long time on this subject, but what I have said so far is sufficient, hopefully to alert some individuals to realize that whether you were born in the year one, or in the present time, right is right, wrong is wrong, pure is pure; impurity, impurity.  Just because a year goes by and another number is used for the year, does not change The Commandments of God, or replace Them with what man calls ‘updating’, ‘modernization’, or the idea that The Father meant The Commandments for only a certain length of time.  So be it.”

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