ON AUGUST 5, 1996 AT 11:04 AM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.

It is difficult for many to believe that a Saint can openly say They are unhappy.  For some people to hear this is a shock.  It is important for mankind to understand that Sainthood is a Closeness to God of unbelievable Love, because of the Purity that is involved.  Purity in itself radiates strength, courage, purpose, understanding, clarity, in a bond of love.

Throughout the world We hear and We see men, women and children allowing themselves to be caught in a bondage of all that is immoral, indecent, based on a total lack of respect of God’s Commandments and the reality of the Existence of God.  Children are not being instructed on the power of cleanliness of the mind, and in the power of cleanliness in association physically with other human beings.

You live in a time where so many men, women and children accept all facets of indecencies, impurities, even to the point of idolizing everything that the enemy of God and man stands for.  The momentum of this amongst mankind has picked up so rapidly, that it is generated throughout the world, and has become acceptable in places, at one time, it would never have been even acknowledged.

When a lesson is delivered by an individual, or by the written words of someone who feels the obligation to wake people up to the danger that lurks in so many corners, so many areas of association, is rejected, it is a sadness to All of Us, because it is not just a case of humanism deliberately being practiced, but it is a case of demonic intrusion being accepted.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle of Divine Love, and All of Us shout to mankind: ‘Wake up and see that you have become, or are becoming a part of Spiritual desolation, and you cannot allow the enemy of God and man to win, because the Soul, as a Portion of God, was handed in a Pure State at the moment of conception, and it is the responsibility of every human being to return the Soul to Him in this condition!’

We hear many men, women, and even children interpreting words that are basically not clear, and in the lack of content in their conciseness, the meaning is being diluted according to the individual who is explaining it to others.  Be sure when you read on a subject matter, you see it in its full measure, so you have the privilege and the logic within you to determine the value of the subject, and in the value, what this subject can help you to better understand the importance of what this means to your mind, your body, and your Soul.  So be it.”

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