ON SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 AT 11:49 AM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.

It is difficult for many who hear of This Gift of The Father’s Love to comprehend such an Occurrence in what mankind refers to as ‘modern times’.

The world has always been in need of The Father’s Attention, Concern, Direction and Love.  This time, considered a time of modern thinking, modern actions, modern discoveries, is no different than other times since the beginning of mankind, because mankind was instilled with an intellect, a sense of judgment, a sense of truth, and the ability to act according to the time in which they were born.  Granted, History instructs mankind on the different phases in which mankind practiced all human activities, ideas, abilities.

It is important for mankind to fully understand that ‘this time’ in which so much is being delivered, directed by The Father Himself, allowing The Saints to partake in the Personal Communication with mankind, because it is important for mankind to understand that human life has a Dignity, a Purpose, a Plan and a Goal, due to the Soul that is placed within the conception, bar none, of human life, that mankind must understand is Distinct and above all other living things.

This Gift of The Father’s Love, ‘this time’ of Personal Instruction is Important for mankind throughout the world, because the enemy of God and man uses every avenue of distraction because of jealousy, based on the Beauty, the Importance of the Soul of every living human being.

Mankind says, ‘You tell me I have a Soul but I feel nothing.’ I, Saint Stanislaus, say: ‘You do feel something; you innately feel the dignity that human life bears, consists of, and is capable of showing in many normal manner of ways through the intellect, through the power of discernment, through the moral responsibilities individuals feel, whether they are acting in sound moral values or in impure moral standards.’

It is important that mankind throughout the world receive This Miracle as soon as possible.  Let no individual or mechanical object stop The Father’s Will from reaching the far corners of the world.

Human life has an advantage over all other things, because human life was designed with an intellect and the ability to act morally, soundly, lovingly, courageously, under all circumstances that in any way affect the mind, the body and the Soul.

This Message is given so that mankind will understand that with All that I have spoken, mankind has an advantage over every other living thing, and that is the Soul.  So be it.”

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