ON DECEMBER 13, 1996 AT 12:15 PM


“The world of mankind is constantly working in areas of moral destruction, not based on ignorance to sound moral values and standards, but defiance based on egoism, jealousies, and a deliberate attraction and continuous practice of everything that is termed ‘moral decay’.  All the organized definitions of Spiritual logic and order to what mankind should base every thought, word, deed and action, are being cast into indefinable changes, excuses, and rejection of God’s Commandments, Which are Mine.

Mankind accepts the laws of society because there is a punishment of some sort or degree if a law is broken and/or some crime against the flesh, or properties are abused, destroyed and/or stolen.

What about the Precious Gift of human life that is worth more than any other thing in the entire world?  Why is this not seen as the Most, the Greatest Treasure mankind has, irregardless of what obscenities, and/or diabolical practices others are involved in?

Let us take a look at what a Great Gift My Commandments are, and how important They are to every facet of human life.

First, just knowing that there is a Divine Being that controls the whole universe should be the basis for wanting to not just please This Controller that obviously has such Great Power, but to automatically obey The Laws out of an innate fear of being punished.

Man’s laws are based on God’s Laws, and man’s laws are fortunate to have such a Foundation for life as a human being.  Mankind ignores These Commandments such as:

Thou Shalt Not Kill

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor

Remember, Keep Holy The Sabbath Day

I speak many times through This Gift of My Personal Love for mankind.  There has been so much Instruction, not just in a Teaching Format, but to instill in mankind the logic of moral values and standards in which I have lovingly given in many forms, so that mankind can realize the privilege it is to be conceived and born into a world wherein mankind has the opportunity to one day return his and/or her Soul to Me, to be with Me Forever.  By this very togetherness, it means that mankind will share so much Beauty, Love and Special Privileges for All Eternity.”

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