ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1992 AT 2:10 PM


“I have spoken before on this subject.  The subject I am about to speak on is ‘infidelity’.  It is a word loosely used.  It is a word that says impurities, sinfulness, and is definitely against More than One of My Commandments.

Mankind has a way of minimizing sins against My Commandments, even in some cases justifying or making excuses where they are evident and practiced continuously.

When I gave a Commandment on a particular subject, if the word was a simple word, I had many meanings for the word, but mankind, in so many ways diminishes the full meaning; simple words like kill, steal, adultery, false witness and others.

Through This Beautiful Miracle that is teaching so much, for mankind to better understand the Precious Gift of human life and the Purpose for which it was intended, because of the Soul that I Personally placed, and continue to do so in human life.

All through time, theologians have arrived at decisions according to their determinations, many times ignoring what I meant regarding the subject matter.  Also, man does not have the ability to fully comprehend, to interpret to the fullest, My Words, unless an individual is chosen by Me to be able to define the full meaning.

Mankind, even though he is a special creation of Mine, is not fully, totally aware of interpreting for Me in My Name, the Fullness of What I Have Given.

Infidelity is rampant and has always been so.  Man makes a multiple of excuses on this subject, always allowing human weakness as justification for infidelity.

I will speak more on this subject.  It is not one that must be handled in a light manner.  My Will must be observed, obeyed and never forgotten in any action that involves My Commandments.
So be it.”

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