ON NOVEMBER 3, 1974 AT 1:46 PM

“First of all, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say that God is at the Head of all things.  Our Lord, My children, is the human means by which you know God to be; and it is through The Holy Ghost, the Wisdom, the Light of the Heavens, that all things come to each of thee.

It is known that Moses was the deliverer of The Commandments.  Man was used by God to give to the world The Rules to live by.  This was a natural form for man to follow, because you see, man can relate to man.  Man looks to The Divine, but when it comes to human acceptance, men say, ‘God, no man went through it.’ But, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, come today to teach you the Beauty of The Commandments that were given through a man for each of thee.  So be aware, a human was chosen for such an act, such a happening; so God, in His Justice, through The Holy Ghost, gave Moses the chance to walk for The Holy Trinity.

Now, Moses was born to the world, of woman, which made him totally of human way.  Bear this in mind, My children, for it is important for you to know this.  The Father had such respect for man that He gave man the responsibility of the chosen way.  To be truly chosen has a responsibility and a burden in a way no man can know.  So now, once again brought to the world, is the Beauty of the chosen way in which Moses walked.

Moses went up to a mountain.  He was told to by God.  But The Father did not deliver The Commandments as you know Them to be, for you see, there was more to The Commandments that Moses received; and that is why he had to stay such a lengthy time, for Wisdom was poured into Moses from The Divine.

Men hear that the tablet was struck and it said: ‘I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.’ Would it not be right for a man to say, ‘Wait, Who are You to say You are greater than all mankind?’ Moses did.  Moses said, ‘Wait a minute, I cannot accept what You give.’ So, The Father, in His Understanding of the need of man, explained to Moses about this Commandment.

It took time for the Wisdom to sink in, took time for The Father to instill in Moses the magnitude of this Great Commandment.  Do not forget this.  He said: ‘Moses, I am The Creator of All Things.  I am The Creator of men.’ Moses was not an easy man to get along with, for Moses said: ‘What makes You say this?  How can You say this?’ The Father said: ‘Did I not create the sun and the moon?  Did I not create the stars?’ Moses said, ‘Prove it to me,’ and The Father said to Moses, ‘Who else can create the universe like I did?’

But there was more to this Commandment than was seen later by man, for God explained to Moses that He took a particle and let the particle keep moving.  That is why it did not take but one day to create the universe, but many, many, many man years.  God took a particle of what He declared to be the center force and He moved it and He moved it and He moved it, and as it moved, it gathered other forces from what He had created before this.

Oh My children, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say to you on this day, ‘You hear about the creation and you hear about it in the same way.’ I will go on, for you cannot truly absorb All I have to say.

And Moses fought each second of this Command that The Father gave, for Moses said, ‘I don’t accept that,’ and The Father would say, ‘Well, Moses, look at this,’ and Moses would say, ‘All right,’ after The Father would explain why it had to be that way.  But what men have not seen is this:  He said first, ‘I Am The Lord Thy God.’ He was telling Moses that Another would come called ‘Lord’, and He was telling Moses that this Man was more than an earthly being.  He was telling Moses He was in prophecy of the coming of Our Lord, and He said, ‘He, too, is Part of Me; He, too, must not be beneath other men.’ So, Moses learned about the coming of the Lord in the First Commandment.

And now, in the First Commandment, I break it down, My children, and say: ‘Moses was told of the Great Creator.  Moses was told of One to come, and Moses was enlightened by The Holy Ghost, the Third One, in that First Commandment men take very lightly.  Moses was taught, it was instilled in Moses, of The Holy Trinity.’

So then, the Second Commandment, when it was struck, and of course, there was more between these two that Moses learned about.  Now, the Second one said, ‘Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.’ Moses said, ‘Who is this Lord?’ And The Father said, ‘The One Who comes bearing My Name.’ Moses said, ‘Why do You have to have Someone come, if You are the Greatest of All?’ And, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, smile at this and say, ‘There has never been a chosen child in the world who has not fought The Father’s Will.’

I bless you and I say, ‘Bear in mind that when Moses was given the Second Commandment, he said: “Who will He be?  Why is He?  What will His purpose to mankind be, to the earth be, to the whole world?  Why do You have to send Someone else?  You are giving me the Messages.”’ And The Father said: ‘Moses, I give you The Rules for men to live by, I give you The Commandments.  I command you to tell other men of What I Decree.’

So Moses knew of the coming of Christ, Moses knew of the coming of Our Lord, and so, when he went down to the people he said, ‘Look, this is what He said,’ and the people, in ignorance, could not accept it, for they were so full of sin and so full of self-love that they could not see The Creator giving to a man These Great Prophecies.

And then, The Father said to Moses: ‘I strike out to you in another way.  Men must take time to listen to Me, to look to Me and to love Me,’ and Moses said, ‘Wait a minute, God, Father of all men, Who are You to say this, why do You say this?’ And Moses said, ‘Wait a minute, bring it down to my level.’ Do not forget, and I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori say, ‘When a Miracle is of Truth, the children, the child, question the way.’

So, The Father said, ‘Moses, it will be necessary, for through The Son that I will send, all the ways and the means and the manner will come.’ So Moses, through many Lessons on this, waited and waited, and it was instilled that the time would come when a Man would arrive upon the earth and He would give to the children of all births, the Way to Him.

And then, The Father struck out another Message and He said, ‘Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother’, and Moses said, ‘Wait a minute, if You are The Father, Who is The Mother?’ It has never been before declared before the world, but today, My children, you are given a Message as Moses was.  The Heavenly Mother was of Divine Origin, Divine in every way, and The Father had prophesied that She would be brought to the earth Immaculately Conceived and Her Way would be of Immaculate Manner and Means.  It was through Moses It was given, this Beautiful Way.

Moses said, ‘Who is there to honor?’ And The Father, The Creator said: ‘I Am The Father.  There is a Heavenly Mother.  I have made it so.  So Moses, best you tell the world to “Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother”, but bear in mind, Moses, when you do this, I mean it first to Myself, to My Heavenly Queen, then to the earthly parents the children can see, and then, on to other human beings.  This Commandment is of Great Importance, Moses.’

So Moses said, ‘Thy Will, my God, my Father, but men will not understand,’ and The Creator of All said: ‘Men will never understand, Moses; they will fight it until a certain point of history.  I have declared it to be.  So be it for now.’

There was more given to Moses on this day, at this time, on this Great Commandment.  That is why, in the time in which you live, there is much to be given to the world in ‘honoring thy Father and thy Mother’, for first it must be The Heavenly Ones, then the earthly ones, and then, those you are close to.

There was another Commandment given and it said, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’ Children say, ‘I do not kill anyone.’ Moses shouted to The Creator of all men, ‘I have killed no one, my Creator,’ and The Creator looked at him and said: ‘Moses, wait a minute; “kill” is not only as you know it to be, but “kill” sometimes, is sometimes the personality, sometimes the will, sometimes the love, sometimes the desire of vocation.  Moses, you take “kill” and you put it in a category of saber, of knife, of spear.  It is not just this way, Moses.  It is many ways men can kill other men.’

So, this Teaching went on again and again, and this Teaching is One of Greatness, for you see, I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, know the Full Meaning of this Great Commandment for each of thee.  Do not kill your loved ones.  Do not kill others, and do not kill the Faith of other men, for in killing the Faith, you destroy the Place they could have in Heaven.

And now, My children, there are many sins against the Sixth, and when The Father declared it to be, Moses said, ‘Wait a minute, Creator, wait a minute, this means only one sin,’ and The Father said: ‘Wait a minute, Moses; no, it does not.  It means abuse of the flesh, man’s weakness, and I say to you now, there are many sins against this.’ And then, The Father delivered to Moses the sins against this Great Commandment.  There are many, My children; remember this.

And then, The Father struck out and He said, ‘I say to man, “Do Not Steal.”’ Moses said: ‘Stealing is taking another man’s bread.  Stealing is taking another man’s way.’ And The Father said, ‘Wait a minute, Moses, I strike this Commandment and I say to you now: “Were you kind to a man?  Did you steal his dignity?”’ And Moses said, ‘If You speak about it that way, well, perhaps I did.’ ‘Moses, did you try to show your physical strength against another man?’ Moses said, ‘Well, perhaps I did at different times, my God, my Father, my Creator,’ and God said, ‘Moses, many men steal from other men many things.’

So The Father went into great detail on what a man could steal from another man.  So Moses was subject to The Father and said, ‘I understand.’

So then, My children, ‘Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.’ Moses said, ‘I have not done this,’ and The Father said: ‘Yes, you have.  Have you not spoken against others at times in your life?  Have you not used your weakness to make yourself bright?’ And Moses said, ‘Perhaps I did at times; I did not feel it that bad.’ And The Father said: ‘Wait a minute, Moses, this will increase with time, but there are many times that men become so arrogant, so full of ego, pride, that they do not see other men as they should.  They gossip and they tear down another man’s character, and they tear down what another man would like to follow in the vocation way.’

So Moses said, ‘It sounds right to me.’ And The Father said: ‘Now, go to the children.  Face them and say, “Do not abuse, do not steal, do not kill, and yes, do not destroy another man in any way.”’

And I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, never truly taught The Commandments as Moses learned Them, when I was alive in the world, but now All of Heaven comes and says, ‘Remember The Commandments; They are God’s Words.’

And now, My children, as some of you know, ‘Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.’ This can be done in intent alone.  This can be done in desire alone.  This can be done, not only to a married woman but to a human life, desiring lustfully in a gluttonous manner.  The sins of the flesh are many, My children, and I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori say, ‘Remember this:  it is not only of My day, but your day.’

And now, ‘Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.’ How many times have you done this?  How many times have you frivolously accepted the loan of a neighbor’s property?  Or, how many times, My children, have you accepted just the help from a neighbor?  The neighbor is tired, the neighbor’s time could be limited, and you accept very lightly what the neighbor has.

The Lessons today are minute to the Lessons that were instilled in Moses.  You have been given The Rules to live by.  I, Alphonsus Liguori say, ‘What will you do about Them?’

And now, firsthand, I will teach you how to confess in the Sacrament of Penance, the beauty of purity.  First of all, My children, each time the Sacrament is acted upon by you, I would suggest you go through The Commandments, The Rules, and say to The Father: ‘How many times have I abused You?  How many times have I taken Your Name in vain by abusing others?  And, how many times have I received The Holy Eucharist, not really caring, just accepting?  How many times have I truly not honored You, and disgraced the earthly ones?  How many times have I killed others’ Spirit, love for You?  And how many times have I abused the flesh?  How many times have I stolen from others?  I did not care.  I thought it was not a sin.  And how many times have I fought my neighbor, not caring about him?  And how many times have I lustfully thought of another man, another woman?  And how many times have I borrowed or stolen my neighbor’s property?’

There are many sins against each of These, My children, and I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say, ‘You sin against Them every day.’ So be it.”

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