“God, help me to do what You Will for me at this moment, for You see, though I am independent of You in many ways, I am dependent upon You in every way.

God, help me to feel that the physical, the body that You gave me through the creation of me, and the Soul that You endowed me with, will help me one day walk before You and thank You in a special way.

But help me, God, through the mental capacity I have, to understand Faith in the manner You decide it to be and in the way it is best for me.  Help me, God, to use my mental capacity to teach others all about You.

And help me, God, to use my nature to instruct others about You.  And help my nature to purify itself so I will not try to destroy You.  And also, God, that other little thing You gave me, called ‘personality’, let it ring throughout the world, but let it ring in goodness, love and mercy.

And, God, please do not forget the vocation of life, my choice through my will, using my mind and my body to accept a way of life good in every respect.

And oh, God, do remind me many times during the day that I have an Angel by my side, guarding me in every way, but help me to not abuse this little Angel You gave, because I know my way is rough and He could get lost in the crowds where Other Angels are having distractions.  Don’t forget, God, He might stop and help Them today.

So please, dear God, help me to know the physical role, the will and my Soul.  And be assured, God, I will try to use the mental powers that You gave, to have a better personality every day.

And oh, that nature, God, help it to be good, help it to spread what You Will it to do.  And yes, the vocation of my way; if I am a mother, oh, God, help me to serve so others will come Your Way.  But if I am of the single way, help me to be example so others will see purity always.  So be it.”

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