ON AUGUST 20, 1986


“You are a very small group of human beings and each of you has Faith in God or you would not be here.  But do not stop with your Faith in God because it is your responsibility to extend this Faith in God to other people.

You must think orderly, think conscientiously.  You do not have to think quickly, but you must recognize what effect you have on everyone you meet.  You must also understand that your very appearance can say goodness or it can say evil, it can say hope or it can say dilemma.  Your very appearance can say cleanliness or it can say vulgarity or it can say weakness.

The words that pour from your mouth can be words of anger, lust, or these words can be words of consolation or words of charity.

Your eyes bespeak your Soul for the Soul shines through your eyes.  And you can ask yourself: ‘What does everyone see who looks at my eyes?  Do they see evil, do they see happiness, do they see a lack of love for another human being?’

The Soul, that Part of God, rests within each one of us.  The Soul is ever acting because the Soul is the communication between God and the individual.  The Soul is constantly beseeching The Father to help us be more alert to what is right, what is good, what is hope, what is honest, what is logical.

When we are born to the world the Soul does not say to God, ‘Let Me be with someone who is brilliant for then I will be sure to be once again returned to You.’ The Soul accepts the little body that It’s put into and then the Soul, that Part of God, is affected by everything that that little body does, right or wrong, good or bad, selfish or charitable.  No matter how intelligent the body becomes, the Soul is affected by the moral values of the body, and please believe Me, My sons, there is great sadness when the body forgets the Soul and feels it is the only one.

As it was asked at the beginning of this time tonight, ‘How many are here?’ We Here in the Heavens smile at the number, for the child through whom I speak said, ‘Not as many as last time.’ That is true because, do not forget, when a son does not take the time to listen to what is good, the Soul of the son misses out on what has been said.

If you kneel before the Tabernacle there are two of you.  You are never alone, and your Soul is prostrate before The Father.  And as you sometimes feel you want to leave, your Soul is tugging to stay maybe a moment longer.  You do not know how you can explain that feeling, so sometimes you find yourself accepting the tug, thinking it is your own idea, but the Soul, in the Glory of The Father, feels secure.  And as you leave the church, the feeling that you have is personal, but the Light of your Soul is brighter than when you went in.

Keep in mind that every human being born to the world has a Soul, and keep in mind also, that you are in control of that Soul’s destination by what you do, what you say, and yes, how you appear.

I have spoken many times through This Great Miracle.  I have used the child’s eyes to see beyond what man sees.  I have used the voice to say many things.  I am your Heavenly Mother.

Many say that I would not speak through another human being, that those days are gone forever, but I say: ‘That is not so; as long as there is a Soul in one human being on the earth, Heaven will never let go.’

Do not forget These Words and remember this night well, for this night was to alert you to the road of Sainthood that God, your Father in Heaven, knows you are capable of attaining if you are constantly aware of the purity needed for your Soul.

I show the child a Vision of how I stand Here now and she will tell you what she sees.”


Her Hands are in the Sign of a Blessing, Her dress what I would call an emerald green.  The Crown upon Her Head has all shades of emeralds in it.  The gold I can hardly see but I know it’s there, holding the gems together.  Her gown is long, Her sandals appear as gold.  Her sleeves are turned over at the ends.  Her Face is beaming, Her Eyes are beautiful, and there’s a Light appearing as almost within Her.  I see It also around Her.

It looks as though She is standing on a rock, an odd shaped rock, and Her little Feet are clinging to the rock.  And now there is water running all through the rock and She smiles and says, “Don’t worry, My Feet won’t get wet.” The rock has a meaning.  The rock stands for the strength that Grace is to our lives, and the rock is the Church that must be washed clean with the Grace of those who will stand strong in what they know they should believe.

The green of Her dress has a sheen to it, but not like satin.  She smiles and She says it is the glow of the Light shining through Her, within Her, around Her.  Each emerald of the Crown is shining.  There is no one in the world like Her.

“What has been spoken to you tonight is a reality to this instrument, never to be erased from her, for such a Vision will be put on a tabloid for men to see and men to look at, for the purpose intended by The Father.”

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