ON APRIL 18, 1979


“What does your conscience say to you?

Do you recognize your conscience as your point of memory for your actions, your words and your Faith?

Do you believe that your will governs your conscience or that your conscience governs your will?

Do you examine your conscience every day?

Do you see the correcting that has to be done when you examine your conscience?

Do you make only resolutions where you know change is necessary?

Do you ever commit yourself to solution where you feel change is necessary?

Do you just make excuses where you know you are wrong?

Have you formed a habit of justification for your own impurities?

Do you absolve yourself from responsibility that was not your idea to accept?

Is your conscience weak or misguided or abused, or a source of a lack of understanding?

Do you see your conscience in the full sense it was meant to be, or do you ignore it totally?

Our conscience is our alert valve that covers the actions, the thoughts, the words and the deeds of our whole being.  Conscience can be compared to fear, because fear, too, is a necessary valve connecting a whole system related to, and part of, our whole being.  Both of these valves are an important part of our lives.  We should connect them in many areas and we should always respect these human traits, human privileges in the manner God intended them.

Tonight, when you examine your conscience, be aware of the privilege of fear, and also be sure to register fear if your conscience is permissive.”

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