ON JUNE 12, 1979


“How do we categorize our actions against God?  Wouldn’t it be better to have categories that are in favor with God’s Commandments instead of against His Will?

How can taking a life easily pass through the conscience of a human being, when the victim is innocent, such as an abortion?

How can our sins become so acceptable to us that our conscience doesn’t even enter into our consideration?

How can we become so indifferent to the lives of others that we are totally remiss in our caring?

How can we ignore wrongdoing to the point that it is acceptable because of the self-induced lethargy we have accepted, eliminating our responsibility to God, to ourselves, to our Soul, to other people?

If we have fallen into such degradation, such low moral views, values, standards, ideals, emotions, and only express a degenerate attitude toward human needs, ignoring the high value God has placed on a human life, what will snap us into the reality of why we were created?

What has happened to people being told, helped, expected, and naturally using self-discipline and self-control rather than taking chances with their Soul and not caring about the state of their Soul in the Eyes of God?

People must realize that the Soul of each human being is important to God and that the Soul reflects every decision of man’s will.

In a mechanical failure, it can be termed ‘it aborted’.  If a human body is too weak to carry a child, the body gives in to abortion; but this, we must understand, is a normal function of the body in most cases.  This is justifiable.  Many times a great sadness comes with this failure of the body to function, to support this life, but then men, in recognizing all the natural facets of such an occurrence, must depend upon their Faith in God to endure such a disappointment.

Now let us look at abortion to the unborn child by human decision, justifying it for so many selfish reasons, it could be termed ‘satanic’.  Men have tried to ignore such a physical abortion as being a killing, totally ignoring God’s Commandments.  It is difficult for anyone who has sound logic to believe that God’s Laws can be disobeyed, and then it be termed ‘justifiable’.  It is like a man hiding in a closet, sinning.  No one knows, he thinks.  He forgot he had a Soul.  He forgot he had a Guardian Angel, and he definitely forgot that God is everywhere, and even in the closet, God’s Commandments are binding.

How can man truly justify abortion in the Eyes of God?  Some men feel they are relieving another human being of a responsibility that would be difficult on them.  They are acting as a god.  They omit seeing that this responsibility to bear this child is more important, making it more than just a short time experience, but that abortion will take adjustments, mentally, physically, morally.  Failing God must have an impact, at some time in the future, on human emotions, human standards, cultures, background, environment, social involvements.

No one, unless they are satan oriented, can fully justify taking a life, whether it is through anger, fear, lust, gluttony or selfishness.  No man can sin against God’s Commandments and justify it.  No man can rob another man of the privilege of the physical role once there is a conception for life combined with the Soul.”

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