ON MAY 8, 1980


“Have you ever thought of writing your autobiography?  Have you ever thought that your autobiography will be the guide for your Judgment at your ‘Final Tribunal’?

Men say, ‘Don’t scare me with such emphasis on my Judgment.’ Reality says it is time at any age to reconcile one’s self to the absolute truth.  There should be a certain amount of concern, but not a concern that forces rejection to such an important part of our life.

Ask yourself this:  Would your autobiography be a best seller in the world?  If so, why?  If not, how come?  Would your autobiography be wholesome to read, interesting, good example to others, have a lot of hope in it, dignity, charity, understanding, motivating others to latch on to what you have promoted to find a life of fulfillment?  Or would your autobiography be dismal, dank, discouraging, morbid, depressing, egotistical, insecure, making the reader feel hopeless, and judging you in a way that could only be distressful?

We rarely think of our autobiography so closely involved with our ‘Final Tribunal’ with God.  Let’s outline our autobiography and take a good look at what God will have before Him at our ‘Final Tribunal’.  If you feel this is so serious, so heavy, so final, then you will also realize it is evident it will occur, and we must be prepared for it.

Men in our day are ignoring the pure fact that our physical life had definite purpose.  Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, God has been Generous, alerting us in so many ways to the Beauty of life, what He expects us to do with it, and the Magnificent Purpose for which He gave it.  It is His Pure Love for us that cares enough to repeat to us how we must live and how we must return our Soul to Him; also, how God will judge us at our ‘Final Tribunal’.”

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