ON NOVEMBER 16, 1981


“How sensitive am I, or am I insensitive?

This is a very good question to ask one’s self.  Many times people feel they are so highly sensitive, and in reality they are not sensitive except to what pleases them or they feel hampered by, or irks them if they do not get their way.  This in total essence is an insensitivity and should be curbed as soon as one discovers it about himself or herself.

Sometimes youngsters carry this throughout their life.  It is based on selfishness, inconsiderateness, indifference, and emotional instability.  Also, insensitivity bespeaks a very unhappy human being.

Many questions that can help a person decide what category they are in regarding their position of sensitivity or insensitivity:

1.  Am I considerate of others?

2.  Am I discreet in any criticism I give?

3.  Am I modest or immodest?

4.  Am I mannerly; am I polite?

5.  Am I gracious or abrupt?

6.  Am I indignant, or self-righteous?

7.  Do I return telephone calls when it is expected of me?

8.  Do I ignore what I do not want to hear?

9.  Do I make petty retorts?

10.  Do I gossip?

11.  Am I unfriendly?

12.  Am I abusive to others through my words, my actions, or my facial expressions?

13.  Do I sneer when I disagree?

14.  Do I act out sarcastically, or do I speak with a sarcasm?

15.  Do I constantly make excuses, any excuses, to cover up my own lack of interest when a good idea isn’t mine?

This list could go on and on.  If insensitivity is evident, it is time to change.”

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