ON JANUARY 28, 1973 AT 1:51 PM


“God is free, but loving God is a lot freer than man knows, for to truly love God is the freedom man wishes so.  Man says, ‘If I love God, I will be in bondage.’ Not so.  To love God and to do His Will, to serve Him ultimately, is the greatest freedom in the world, because you see, all is in tune with The Holy Trinity.  And I, Saint Mary Magdalene, say on this day to everyone: ‘Love Him, serve Him, and you will feel, not anxiety, but peace and tranquillity.  You will be aware of Truth.  You will be in knowledge of Wisdom and you will accept all that is good for each of you.’

There are so many problems in the world.  They were in the time in which I lived.  But one day, when I looked into His Eyes, I knew there was a Greater One than even Him, but I knew that He was Part of This Great One, and I knew that He was only here for a short time.  But when I followed Him where He was and I sought Him out, I said, ‘Oh, Father in the Heavens, let me know what life is truly all about.’

And, I, Saint Mary Magdalene, say to you today: ‘If you have sinned, let it go away.  God has forgiven you, but sometimes you have not.  Forget the past, think only of now and the Future time with God alone,’ for as you stand before Him in Judgment Time, He will say, ‘Child, I told you one time to look only to Me, but you forgot.’

Oh yes, and remember this:  Your Guardian Angel will be your attorney until the end of time.  He will stand There and argue with The Father and say, ‘Maybe I did not show the child that day,’ and The Father will smile and The Father will say, ‘Angel of Mine, Guardian dear, the child had a will; You did your share.’

So each of you before this child now, understand that God’s Justice comes first; God’s Love is from His Justice; His Mercy, for all time.  Forgive yourself for what was.  Forget the past, make reparation for it, but do not let it hold you back from loving Him more and serving Him in a special way, for you see, satan’s way says, ‘Look back.’  So be it for today.”

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