ON JUNE 20, 1973 AT 6:43 PM


“Right now in the world, men are destroying great books.  They are taking truth off of the shelves, casting it aside and replacing it with pornography.  I, Saint Augustine say so, for I stand in back of them, pleading with each of them to stop, but they feel they have outgrown, and that the world has outgrown such mediocrity, such a manner of thought.

Right now, a man covers a window, hoping to intrigue the young, to deliver exciting news, to stimulate the senses.  I am watching him, and I have said to God, ‘Stop him.’ The Father says: ‘My Saint, I have given him a will.  He has not accepted My Way.’

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time of heresy and hate.  You live in a time of procrastination.  You live in a time of limited love for God.  You live in a time where men are saying: ‘I must take care of myself now.  It is not convenient for me to take the time to go to God, weekly.’ I, Saint Augustine say, ‘You are fools, for you are forgetting The Commandments He gave.’

He said, ‘Remember the Sabbath Day.’ Some men have designed one Sabbath Day a year, one of their own choice.  He said, ‘Thou shall not have strange gods before Me,’ and yet men are putting themselves before Him, deciding that their will should be done, satisfaction should only be for them.  Would you not say then, that men decide they are God?  He said, ‘Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.’ Many men misunderstand this Line, these Words, this Truth, this Rule, this Direction, this Fact.

Men are looking for excitement and personal acclaim.  They are looking to have their pride, their ego gained, but now I, from the Heavens, say with Words quite clear, ‘The Commandments were given to give men Guidance to Here.’ The little ones should learn what the real Rules are.  Those who are growing into another stage should be able to recognize These Rules.  Those who, who are of a later age, should be so used to Them and obedience to Them, that it is automatic to follow These Rules.

This child has been chosen to walk a tightrope for you.  Some of you would shake the tightrope to see if she would fall to the ground.  What pleasure would it be for you?  Would it really make you happy, or would you suddenly realize that between the rope and the pit, there was love all around?

I bless you from the Heavens for it is truly I Who speak.  I bless you with a Love, not meek.  I walked the path in the world of man.  I sinned for I was weak, but the day did come, the time did arrive that I had to stand and say inside, ‘I must turn, not only a cheek, but my method of way, my means in which I walk, and the manner in which I distribute my physical in every way.’ I bless you, for the child is aware of a Vision with the Soul.  She will explain It to you openly and you must visualize It mentally.”

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