Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

1207 - 1231

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Saint John of The Cross
Saint Peter Canisius
Saint Robert Bellarmine
Saint Augustine

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 7, 2001 at 1:12 pm


There are Several of Them present: Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Saint John of The Cross, Saint Peter Canisius, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Saint Augustine.

“We All smile. There are Many More of Us present than this little one could possibly see, because We All gathered to join in a Deep Love for The Gift The Father has given to the world through one small voice, but an obedient one.

All of Heaven listens constantly to all of human life. The Love that is extended through Everyone Here is to help those in a living state to become ‘Saints’. We hear so many individuals openly say: ‘I cannot believe that there is a Goal to human life. If there was a Goal, I would have a chance to see it, to feel it, to understand it, and to be able to prepare myself in a positive, definite manner.’

When We hear a statement such as this, it is sad to Us, because the same individual is inclined to believe so much hearsay that takes place in the human way.

At this time in the History of human life, there is so little instruction on the Importance of human life, and its close Connection to The Creator of All Things. We hear so many doubters, complainers, and negative approaches to what is important to the morals, the manner, the status of human life.

It is impossible for millions and millions and millions of human beings to even imagine that human life has a Goal for the Soul. It is also difficult for many, if not most, to fathom a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, within them. Sometimes We want to shout and say: ‘Use your imagination; how could all have been created if there was not a Divine Entity, Superior to all that you know!’

Children are not being instructed properly on the importance of honesty. So much is being accepted as just being part of the human role, even when it is an abomination to the Soul or Souls of a numerous amount of people.

All of human life knows that no matter how clever, intelligent, wise, or a desire to have attention, could so much be revealed through one voice and say It was from Heaven.

In many ways there is celebration1 today in a personal form, way, manner, degree, because this is part of human life, the human way, to give thanks for being born.

As We look across the world at this moment, there are hundreds of little ones being born. All will not have the opportunity to be instructed on the Importance of human life, and how they will be treated will be according to the circumstances of the area in which they are born to life.

It is very important that All that has been delivered be sent throughout the world, irregardless of whether It is accepted or unaccepted. At least give them the opportunity to have the Communication that perhaps one day will help someone, or many, more fully understand the Closeness that Heaven is, in all Aspects of It, to mankind.

We also celebrate today1, because as a child the little one did not know what Responsibility she would face at a later time, but today as We All stand close, We assure you that your Soul is happy for This Gift of The Father’s Love, because through It you have learned to more fully understand how close you are each day to The Divine. So be it.”

1 Refers to May 7th being the birthday of Mother Frances.