Saint Matthias

1st century AD - 80 AD

Saint Matthias

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 15, 2002 at 12:27 pm


“I am Saint Matthias.

In Gifts such as This Miracle of Divine Love, is not common to be a part of, but it is important that This Gift of Divine Love, wherein so much is being delivered, instructing, encouraging, and basically alerting all ages of human life, to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is to man.

It is sad for Me to say thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings ignore what a Gift being born the human way has for a Future Way, a Future Life, because men, women and children dwell so much on humanistic advantages, values, occurrences, they ignore that human life has a Future through a Portion of it that is also Part of The Divine. It is called ‘the Soul’.

Logic should tell all degrees of intellect that in instilling a Gift of this Magnitude, The Father could have given It a Name difficult to say, but He gave It a Name even children could remember, because of the Importance of It.

The world has been Blessed, human life has been Blessed, all degrees of mentality have been Blessed, and those who are yet to be born will be the recipients of the Blessing that is occurring at This Time, because This Gift will be remembered through Its scriptful Writings on so Many Saints participating in instructing in a natural format, natural understanding, logical meaning, that The Father Blessed human life with so much Information put in a manner easy to understand, and a privilege to learn how close human life is to The Divine, and that there is a Goal for human life in which the Soul will represent the individual in a very personal way.

I will not speak long, but I want My Words to travel, because it is important that human beings of all backgrounds, all degrees of learning, understand that to be born in the human way is a Gift of Divine Plan.”