Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 21, 2003 at 8:38 am


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This little one I use for so many things I Will other human beings to understand regarding their way of life, the Importance of it, and the reality that there is a Goal for all Souls to return to Me, and then be called ‘Saints’.

To many who hear about This Gift that is far beyond the human reality to be occurring, they do not see the Wording in the importance It is.

As I speak in a natural form, degree, terminology, I do it this way to be understood by the majority of human beings who will be given the privilege to read the Words, abide by the Words for the good of their Souls.

I hear so many say: ‘If I have a Soul, why can I not see It? Why can I not feel It? I only hear that It exists and I am to believe it. The words that tell me this are words of a human voice, or in some form of script.’

It is important that all ages of human life realize that I, as The Creator and The Designer of all that life is about, plus the Goal I have awaiting it for the Soul that is a Portion of Me, to be returned to Me at a given time, I feel that this alone should give strength to the Purpose of human life and the Value it is to the individual and to Me.

Logic is evident in how I dictate These Words. It is important for all ages of human life, all backgrounds, all mentalities to understand: as The Creator of All Things that I Am, I want all things to be seen for the Greatness that I would design it to be, just as in human life it is natural that when an individual wants something, they want it to be the best. This, of course, is innately a case of imitating Me.

I smile at These Words I speak, because My Love for human life and the type of Gift I designed it to be, is of Great Importance to Me. My Love for it is obvious, because I instilled in it a ‘free will’ to be able to understand things for their personal need, understanding and gratification.

As I close These Words now, I bless those who are present, and I bless those who will read Them and use Them, because it is important that All I speak is understood for the benefit of the whole being, and of course, to aid the Soul that is a Portion of human life, that is a Part of Me.”