The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 22, 2006 at 11:54 am


“We have requested the little one to be where you are, because We feel it is important that many, many individuals who partake in This Project We feel is necessary to help Souls of all dimensions of human life, human living, human participation, human adjustment and human love for The Divine.

We hold the little one tightly, difficult to be understood by those present, but it is important when We ask her to speak on a subject, that she is fully aware that We are present to help in the subject that could have a great possibility to help many individuals work for, live for the Goal of Sainthood.

It is not an easy subject for some to talk about or to feel that they should understand that the Gift of human life, human living, has a Goal Greater than It is understood to be; a Goal, Great, because It is to return to The Holy Trinity.

So many times men, women, of all ages, pass over the idea. They do not stop and see that if they were created for just their own thinking, what would they have to look forward to, what would they have to use particular things for that they are given to understand about, and to see that to be a human being is a Gift, and the main Gift comes when the Soul responds openly to it?

Thousands of Words could be spoken on this subject that would not be too many to mention, because to be created a human being and then given the opportunity in understanding that it has a Purpose, a Goal, a Meaning; to some inexplainable, but to some, to help them understand more indepthly, just to reach the Goal is a Gift beyond what human nature can perceive It to be.

I have just Blessed the little one for taking My Words, and I bless you to help you realize that Our coming to speak These Words is a Gift far greater than It is seen to be, because It is a Gift of Divine Love from The Holy Trinity.”