Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 23, 1978


“Today, in Heaven, The Saints talked. Today, in Heaven, The Saints interceded for men. Today, in Heaven, God commanded The Saints to accomplish certain things. Today, in Heaven, The Saints responded with thanks. Today, in Heaven, many, many Messages were given to help children upon the earth learn about Heaven. Today there were children upon the earth that never thought about Heaven. Today there were children who were uncontrollable in behavior, in charity and in mischievousness.

Now I say to you from Heaven, Where I am, ‘Know, there is never a moment upon the earth that Heaven does not touch, for each of you.’ Men sing great songs about Heaven. Some men talk great words about Heaven, but no man knows Heaven; except, of course, Those Who have walked the earth and now spend time as Saints in Heaven.

Heaven is Light. Heaven is Truth. Heaven is Charity. Heaven is Hope. Heaven is Love, different than men know it to be. Heaven is Certain. Heaven is Strong. Heaven is Stability. Heaven is the Goal that men must reach for, through purity. The path is lit, the Teachings there, the Hope extended in Words, in Action, in Love from Here.

No man upon the earth can deny God’s Love. No man upon the earth can design God’s Light as It is Above: a Light in the physical form, a Light through the Words Heavenly formed; a blinding Light to some, a hopeful Light to others, a Loving Light.

Men do not understand Heavenly Light. It comes in small doses, for man’s littleness could not withstand the Magnitude of Heaven’s Light. Light is assurance that children must not walk in darkness, but to seek the Light of wisdom, to seek the Light of purity and to seek the Light on the path to the Goal.

My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother. The Light of the Heavens is throughout the world, in degrees children accept for the good of their Souls. This Great Miracle of Hope, teaching children of all races, all ages, all creeds, the Truths, is a Miracle of Light, Understanding, Dignity and Integrity, never in any way blemished, for It is a Light for the Soul.

Sacrifice is not more than man can stand. Sacrifice is within the capabilities of man. Children are told of Faith, they are given the Light of Hope, but sometimes they refuse to hold onto the Gift of Faith.

Be blessed, My children, by the Light of My Mantle and know that This Gift is given in Charity untold. I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I say, ‘The Light of Hope is for you to come Here one day.’ So be it.”