Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 15, 1979 at 9:20 pm


“There is no child in the world who should not be dedicated to this Mother, of Whom I am.

This child, this woman in the world, who walks, stands, teaches, confirms, reiterates and professes what is necessary for each man’s Soul, extends to the world through obedience, a Light for mankind to know, and this Light, My children, always shows.

In the past days the world has given The Father many, many tears. That is why you have been asked on this night to meet together, to alert you to what is occurring, for you to be better informed, so you can fight for what is right according to The Father’s Will, and you can do it intentionally.

I hold this child in the Light of My Love, in the Light of My Love for you. And I hold her closely to My Mantle, for her physical is beyond what you know, and the Light of the Heavens are the Rays upon which she walks for the whole world.

Men jest, men disregard the Magnitude in how she walks. The Light is a helpful Light, a hopeful Light, a Light of dignity and purpose, for all Souls.

I hold her in an ecstasy different than man knows. The Light of the Heavens shine through her, around her, and from her Words. Behold, My children, your Faith is understood and your Faith is Blessed, in how you feel toward her, for as she stands, as if on the swirls in the ocean, on a rope across the ravine, I come to the world through her and I say, ‘No man can shake the rope, no man can push her deep into the wave, for The Father and I are in control.’

The Light is a Gift from Here. The world is Blessed by a child’s willingness to serve. Dedication is a daily act of love. Commitment is for a lifetime’s way. The Light is from Here, the Hope is from Here, the Love must come both ways.

Teach the little ones how to love Him, how to serve Him. Teach them with the Light you have learned from, learned by. Show the little ones the respect you want from them, and tell them that The Rules He gave, The Commands He told were to be for all time, must be obeyed.

The Light is for you, through a chosen child who stands for Him in a very Special Way. The City must come about. Prayers must be said, and the Light of the Heavens will give you the strength, I promise you this. So be it.”