Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 13, 1981 at 8:09 pm


“So Many Saints have spoken so fairly, so justly, so positively, and They have given people of all ages the strength to better understand what God is All About and the Power of God, not just through The Holy Ghost but through many other means and measures.

I have spoken many, many times through this woman and I have spoken critically of many things. I have spoken directly, and I have always spoken justly.

There are so many, many people in the world who must understand that the Light of Me is for all time and that their time upon the earth is measured, and the time they have must be used not just to find thrills and excitement, but to follow the Light of Which I Am, the Light that you have seen many, many times through This Miracle of Me. Sometimes It is brighter than others. Sometimes It is softer than others. Sometimes It casts a Power within your being that you feel in your chest, you feel in your eyes, you feel sleepy, perhaps because you are tired, you are weak.

But I am truly The Holy Ghost of The Father. I am truly The Holy Ghost of Life and you must understand that as I speak, I speak for the Soul The Father has given you so that this Soul will return to Him for All Time. As I speak, your Soul stands at attention. As I walk into any room, wherever you are, your Soul seeks Me out and does not want Me to leave in the Visible Form, for your Soul gathers the Grace and the Love that shines forth from Me. Your Soul belongs to God, remember this. Your Soul is a Part of Him and I am in constant touch with the Soul of each of you.

It must be understood, it must be read aloud, and children of all kinds must understand that as I am The Holy Ghost, I am The Light of the Heavens, but I am The Link between your Soul and The Divine. You must never forget This, and you must never omit praying for your Soul, for through your prayers, through your actions, through your love, through your dedication, through your service, through your commitment, your Soul will earn Grace to one day be with God for All Time.

Never ignore the Gift of Grace. Never ignore the Hope of your Soul, and never ignore the Will of The Father, for you must understand you were born to the world to return to Him, to spend All Eternity with Him, in the Shadow, in the Light, in the Hope and in the Love of His Very Being. So be it.”