“The Bible”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 27, 2000 at 8:15 am


God The Father

“This Book tells the Greatest Story ever revealed to human beings because it addresses, in logical formation and purpose, the creation of all that exists.

Also, that only a Supreme Power beyond human ability and knowledge, had to be the only Source by which and through which, the Logical Formation and Power had to be beyond what anything we know, understand, or would be capable of, in its power, reason, and/or will.

We should all ask ourselves, as a ‘Power of This Magnitude’ logically exists, shouldn’t we recognize this Power to be Someone or Something that we should Honor, Respect, and innately know that because of the logic in creation, there has to be a reason for human life above and beyond what we daily think about life.

Human life has been created with so many Gifts, plus the innate knowledge that there is a Supreme Power that we will be subject to for how we lived, because of all the Gifts of human life over and above all other living matter or things.”