“Something To Think About”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug



“Let’s try an Examination of Conscience that might give each of us a feeling of unity with God, a feeling of wanting Him to see that we love Him, we want to please Him, and we want our Soul to constantly be in a State of Grace.

The formula is easy, not impossible, and does not take a long time to put it into practice as a daily requirement. We could do it as we are preparing ourselves to rest for the night.

Simple Questions:

Did I offend God in any way today by putting anything before Him?

Did I ignore my responsibility to those who I love and who love me?

Have I had impure thoughts, intentions, and if so, will I try to not repeat them, because I know this can become a habit and there are so many regrets where these things occur?

Do I act selfishly, possessively, ignoring others’ rights, others’ possessions, others’ ability to make decisions for themselves?

Have I ignored respect for others and from others because I was lacking charity, also indifferent at that particular time?

Do I ignore my faults because I make excuses for them, or justify them because of the conditions of situations that I live with, or I work with, or I am associated with, that I feel I have no control over?

Do I allow others to control me, implicate me, or weaken me? If so, why?

Do I realize the value and importance of my conscience?

Do I see the value that reflects through my choice and evolves into my conscience?

From this point of conscience, do I willingly make decisions that are morally sound when I am faced with the decisions that will have a definite effect on the condition of my Soul?

Do I always remember that when I have made a choice through my conscience, and the results of my decision are from my will, do I ever see the possibility of the consequence to my Soul, that my decision will automatically mark It with, and do I remember the result will become a part of the Judgment for which my Soul will one day be accountable for?

Do I ever question myself about my effect on other people?

Do I approach people with a sincere attitude and conscious of the importance of what opinion I leave them with?

What effects does my conscience and my will have on others I live with, I work with, or I am socially involved with?

At God’s Judgment we can be sure of one thing: His Reasons for our Soul to have to make amends for the way we lived our life. At that time our Soul will be unable to make any excuses for our behavior, but will be judged on all things that we understood as pure or impure, right or wrong, moral or immoral.

Our Soul can be victimized by our way of life, for logic tells us our Soul wants to return to God in a Pure State of Being, as It was handed to us at the moment of conception, but even more than this, the Soul will have another identity, a title, a name: our name, and then the Title of ‘Saint’.

Human nature enjoys success and has an innate desire to succeed in many ways, for recognition, for being an exceptional human being. This, in some ways, has a comparison to our Soul, for as success is an innate desire, imagine the ability to hand back to God our Soul, as ‘a Saint’ in His Realm forever.

God’s Commandments, since Their inception, have been obvious as the Guidelines for mankind’s choice of right over wrong, truth over untruth, purity over impurity. This, in its very essence, proves the Existence of a Higher Being, not just for Spiritual understanding, but for the daily practices of human life.”