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Teaching Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on November 15, 1974 at 9:30 PM

Ten Commandments
and Seven Heresies

Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph,
God Is Once Again Coming To The World,
Teaching The Rules Men Are To Live By
And The Heresies Undermining These Commandments

“Men do not fully understand the great preparation that the beloved Moses had to endure, to withstand, to absorb all of the true meaning of each Commandment God wanted man to have. The wisdom that was instilled in Moses so he could teach what each Commandment would take to be fulfilled, took many more days of time than men have translated it to be. God did not just strike given Words without deliberating upon Them and without giving full definition of what They would mean. Each Commandment, when it was delivered, had a power in it, God-given, else it could never have remained in such a solid state for all the years. It would have been cast aside and then forgotten, as so many Great Biblical Stories have been.

Moses was so filled with the wisdom, and the strength that wisdom bears with it, that theTeaching he was able to extend was so profound, and yet simple, else man would never have been able to comprehend. To relay to the world all the wisdom that Moses was instilled with would take volumes of writings. God, knowing the impatience of man and how little time man wants to deliberate on such Truths, has allowed These Commandments to come down through time with great strength but concise definition.

If men were to look into a mirror and see how their life would reflect their obedience to these Great Ten Commandments, most men would flee from the sight of themselves. In your day, The Father of all mankind is handing not a mirror, but a picture of the Ten Commandments in a form easily understood, and yet with the impact of solid teaching; and along with this, the heresies men involve themselves with, causing great sins against These Commandments.”

I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.

“Idolizing material images to the point they are held in superstition, and as men would suspect, suppose, determine the ‘Creator of All Things’ would be like; such as idols of human form or animal likeness also.

Eliminating the Mystery of a Divine Being that no man can touch, see or feel. Replacing this Mystery with physical means and emphasis put on knowledge and man’s own senses.

Interpreting God to fit a manner, mood and way, making Him humanly understandable rather than Divine. ”

Pentecostalism — Idolatry — Power
Communism — Atheism
Humanism — Cults

II. Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.

“Men use blasphemy to stress their point of action, thoughts and desires. They abuse the Name of God by connecting Him in a damned way or in an arrogant, sarcastic, facetious manner. Men very often swear against God to impress another man with their false strength. Men abuse the Name of God to eliminate having to face in a dignified way, truth. Also, when a man is suspicious of his own lack of integrity, stability, masculinity, he abuses God, for the cowardice within himself tells him he will not be struck down immediately. ”

Cursing — Blasphemy — Satanism — Pride
Lack of Self-discipline
Abusive discrediting to another man

III. Remember Thou Keep Holy The Sabbath Day.

“In order to truly honor God and to be aware of Him, it was necessary to tell man that a given time had to be set aside frequently to do this. God, in delivering this Commandment, announced to Moses, ‘Without this Rule men would not be able to hold up as a goal, the other nine. ’ God meant this time to be union with Him in a special manner, perhaps with a small sacrifice attached to complete this union.

God, at a later time, gave man incentive to spend more time with Him. Through His Son He gave to the world a specific Church and that beautiful Sacrament, The Holy Eucharist, Which is without doubt a Part of Him. It was God Himself Who completed the final need for man to be able to obey and love this Great Commandment. ”

Not attending Holy Mass on the days set down
to fulfill this obligation to God. 

IV. Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.

“This Commandment was set down for men to better understand that honor, love, respect, dignity, had to be for The Father Himself, Our Heavenly Mother, and then the earthly parents from which all men would come. This Rule would automatically stabilize man’s thinking, and permit man to rationalize the order of things. When a man upholds this Commandment, he is just with his neighbor and is aware of the need that respect brings. A solid foundation helps men to be able to withstand weakness and conquer it when needed. ”

Disobedience — Disrespect — Neglect

V. Thou Shalt Not Kill.

“Moses was taught that men were living in such unruly ways, lacking self-discipline, and all men were to be told that to kill was against God, for do not forget, God is The Creator and The Judge. Men do not have the right to kill another human being, whether it be to take his life, his will, his dignity, his skill, his mind, his hope, his trust, his integrity. Men can be depleted of physical energy, emotional control and Spiritual strength by another man’s lack of self-discipline, emotional instability, greed, hate, lust, anger, lack of charity.

To kill is to rob man of the great privilege reserved for God alone. Only God has the right to judge when the physical must end. ”

Physical — Will — Love — Trust — Hope
Faith — Gifts of Talent — Abortion
Moral Standards — Spirit — Mind

VI. Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.

“This Commandment is to allow men to better understand that wrong use of bodily communication with other men has a definite disgrace in God’s Plan. Promiscuous involvement to satisfy only the senses has many areas wherein men sin against their role in God’s Plan. This Commandment definitely says that homosexuality, lesbianism, abortion, pornography, and all promiscuous endeavors of man, have a permissiveness that is against the reason for creating mankind.

God said to Moses: ‘Men will have many excuses and will justify their sins against this Commandment. Also, men will deliberately attach only specific sins on this Commandment, for shame will make them call this The Hidden Commandment. ’ ”

Impurity — attack through the senses, lack of
self-discipline, permissiveness, self-love.

VII. Thou Shalt Not Steal.

“To steal means, to most men, to take a material thing that belongs to another. In reality, there are many facets to stealing. First, many men steal the dignity and respect that The Holy Trinity must have, that The Beloved Heavenly Queen must have, and that all men must have for the Church of My Choice.

Men belittle the act of stealing, calling it instinct. In reality, men must know that to take anything they do not come by justly, is against My Will. They must be aware that to steal drains them of purity. Tell them, Moses, no man will steal Heaven, for I will stand in Judgment and no man will be allowed Here until reparation is made, whether the stealing be of material things, any part of man, or the manner in which men walk. ”

Time — Will — Pride — Physical Energies
Material Wealth — Patience — Talents
Hope — Dignity — Gifts From God

VIII. Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.

“All men must be aware that to gossip or to darken another man’s name or way will most certainly be accountable to Me. Each man is accountable for himself and will have to stand solely alone on the merits he earned walking the human role. Men who sin against this Rule will most likely sin against several of the others, for to bear false witness says ego, pride, jealousy, contempt, and a lack of self-discipline. ”

Gossip — Slander — Lying
Defamation of Character — Hating

IX. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.

“To covet, whether it be by grave intention or full action, what belongs in the procreative plan, will be answerable in more depth than men will want to believe. What men do to restrict, corrupt or eliminate the beauty I have planned for man and woman in the role of the physical life, must be held accountable to Me, for I have made man to My Image and Likeness, and all things must remain in the beauty I have designed and in the Plan I had in mind. No man must allow his thinking or lack of self-discipline to cause weakness in himself or another who belongs to another. No woman is permitted to intrude or invite such a sin against Me. ”

Adultery — Temptation through
thought, word and deed.

X. Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.

“This Rule applies first to all I have created, for I Am The Lord Of All Things. W hen men better understand that they must earn the profits, whether they be material in a large way or small, they will better understand the justice in this Rule. There are many areas men will abuse in this Commandment. Men will frivolously borrow many things from other men and never account for them. Time is one of them. Time taking, without reason, good purpose, can stop another man’s progress, profits and gain. Men must not judge another man’s reasoning, but must take care first of their own needs and concentrate on their own Souls, for a man who has been sinned against is sometimes weakened and it creates within him the desire to retaliate, causing a graver sin through weakness. ”

Stealing — Time, Talents, Material Wealth
Usury — Through subterfuge — denying a man
his rightful property, position and acclaim.

Seven Heresies
Saint Athanasius Said:
“Heresy Is Developed Untruth”

1. Pentecostalism
(Claims of this movement)
Ability of Interpretation of the Bible
Baptism of the Spirit
Gift of Prophecy
Gift of Tongues
Healing Power
Involvement in Sensitivity Experiences
Power of Discernment

2. Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Abortion
Abuse of Others
Against Procreation
Lack of Self-Discipline
Stealing (Dignity, Life, Will of Others)

3. Promiscuity
Immodest Dress
Indiscriminate Action

4. Communism
Total Power

5. Organized Crime
Corporate Espionage
Political Espionage
Secret Organizations

6. Satanic Movement
“Motivating force behind all heresies”
Black Mass
Desecration of Holy Eucharist and Sacramentals
Secret Organizations

7. Hypocrisy
Double Standards
Ecclesiastical and Political Injustices
Ecclesiastical Infiltration of Insubordinate
(Unruly Behavior) Factions