The Holy Rosary

Through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, Heaven reminds us that the Holy Rosary is the key to peace in the world. Graces gained by the Rosary help Souls in need, both on Earth and in Purgatory. Even carrying the Rosary on our person ensures strength and protection against God’s enemy. We are told that we must not regard the Rosary as a repetitious or outdated prayer.

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ON JUNE 15, 1971 AT 12:10 PM
Our Heavenly Mother
The Annunciation

“My son, My child, you have made entrance into a Miracle of Faith, of Teaching, of Hope, of Trust, of Obedience, of Love.

There are many children to return to the Sacraments, to return to God through This Miracle of My Spouse. I am your Heavenly Mother and I speak direct to you from God’s Realm. The tone of the voice is a child’s. The child through whom I speak is used to transmit My Words to you.

The beloved world that God has created must be encircled with the Holy Rosary. It must be said daily. It is the weapon against the evil one, and the Power of it and in it and through it is beyond man’s knowledge. As the links of the chain draw together the Beads of Hope, the Beads of Love, there should be no break in the chain. It should be a continuous prayer.

From the Crucifix that My Son did bear is the story beyond compare. As each child holds a Crucifix, the child says, ‘I believe in God.’ These words are important words and they should be said with love.

As you walk to the next lone bead, it is the prayer given to mankind by My Son, Who was The Son of The Father before all had begun. The words in the prayer are full, meaningful, loving, caring, and yes, Words straight from the Mouth of The Heavenly Son.

As you travel the chain, the next three prayers openly say: Have Faith, have Hope, have Charity; and as the ‘Ave Maria’ is said, word by word, it talks to Me of the Beauty that you recognize in What God gave Me.

When you say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace,’ it is as the Angel first attracted My Attention. It is God’s Will these words be repeated again and again, to remind, to help you understand how He works.

As you travel the beads you go through the important times. You say, ‘The Annunciation.’ My, if you but knew the fullness of these words, ‘The Annunciation.’ This was the true beginning of your Salvation, for it was through this first Act of Love by God The Father that all things began to come about.

As you travel the fifteen decades, the last thought is the ‘Coronation’. So as you speak of ‘Annunciation’ you go to ‘Coronation’. This is as your life should be: the announcement by God at the moment of conception of you, until the day you arrive Here with Me, Where you, too, will wear a Crown for All Eternity.

These are Important Words, these are Important Thoughts for you to cling to, for you to remember, for you to act upon.

Many thousands of Words have been given through this child to teach mankind what is worthwhile. Her gentleness is easy on you. The Words I speak through her are Truth. Travel around the world on the Chain of Love made for you, and as you travel, know that you are working on the Crown, on the Coronation for you.

I love you. There is much work to be done in the Name of The Father and of The Son. So as you walk, as you live, as you play, as you give, be sure it is in the Name of The Holy Ones. So be it.”

ON NOVEMBER 3, 1971 AT 11:22 AM
Our Blessed Mother

“My beloved children, it is The Heavenly Father’s wish I come to you today. I needed no prodding for there are so many children in this group that have much devotion My Way. If I were to tell you now the Souls you have helped and the Souls you have saved through the Beads of My Way, you could not stand the emotion you would feel, but be assured that what I say is true and I want you to continue the Beads of Love, My Rosary each day.

Each time these Beads are said, I reach out My Hand to take a Soul to the Feet of The Beloved Father. If every moment of man’s time was spent just delivering Souls to My Hand, the Crown that would await the children who partook in this act would be too great for your human eyes to see, for it would not only sparkle, the glow from it would blind you until you were dead.

Man has forgotten the magnitude of prayer when he prays for the Souls Who are no longer in the world. Man must know that these Beads were given because God cared and He knew it was a way to draw Souls to Him, Who could no longer pray. So They depend on you, and others just like you, to whisk Them out of Purgatory by My Hand. My children, as I speak I want the child to describe to you what she does see.”


Right now, Our Lady is bending down. It’s a child, about eleven years old. She is helping it to stand beside Her, and She says, “Now go to The Father.”

She says: “I must wait for more prayer to be said so I can perform this Act of Love once again. As I dip My Hand in this way, I must come up with a Soul to reach God in His Way. The child was released because of prayers said in another part of the world. Just imagine, My children, if the whole world were at one time to pray for the release of the Souls, how busy Heaven would be making preparations for Them to enter for All Eternity.

I bless you with My Love and I bless you with the Grace to never stop saying the prayer that will save Souls and bring Them to This Place. So be it.”

“The Rosary has many beads and each one says to Me: ‘I love You, Mother, best of all. Please help me.’ When little children hold the Beads and don’t know what they’re about, I smile and try to teach them to love them as I want. As they get older they forget to say these prayers to Me. They say, ‘It’s timeful and repeat,’ and they don’t have time for Me. When age creeps on and daily tasks involved, My children say, ‘I don’t have time for Our Lady now.’ I say to all My children, ‘Please don’t make excuses, for the time you take in doing this, the Beads could be said.’ The repetition of the words is beauty to Our Ears.

The Father asks all children to say the Beads I hold dear. Remember that a child can’t say the prayer unless he’s taught. He cannot learn the words of man unless he hears them said. So promise Me this night that you will strive to say the prayers I love so very much, the Beads I do convey. The weapons man does lean on are cumbersome and strong. Remember, children, the Rosary is the finest weapon of all. So be it.”

Excerpt of a Revelation from Our Heavenly Mother
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on March 4, 1970 at 8:45 AM


“The Rosary was given to man for all the things that bring peace and cause life to be more pleasant. Man says to man, ‘I’m tired,’ ‘I’m too busy,’ ‘I don’t have the time,’ ‘I’ve got a date,’ ‘I’m in a hurry,’ or, ‘I’m on the run.’ Be gentle with this child when you say, ‘Please kneel with me and pray.’ Continued speaking in this way will soon cause him to kneel and pray. No effort that you can exert to serve Our Lady best, can give more Blessings than the Beads, when you kneel and say the rest. The turmoils that you feel in life with the daily acts of man, please rest assured, My children, that these can be eliminated from the plan.

The Rosary and the Water (Holy), the daily task of prayer, the walking to the Altar and the receiving Him Who is there; don’t make excuses, little ones, for God does favor you. He says, ‘Please do these things that I am asking of you.’ They take so little time to do, and the Blessings that you gain mount up in billions in the Way of Heavenly Grace in the main. Don’t fret over little things but when you feel the strain, hold the Beads and say the prayers and strength will come again.”

Excerpt of a Revelation from God The Father
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on March 5, 1970 at 11:30 AM


“I, Saint Bernadette, say on this night to the sons of Hers: ‘Use the Beads at work, use the Beads as protection, hold them in your pocket as a treasure. Remember the times when you were a small boy, the treasures you kept hidden in the pockets of your way. Keep this Great Treasure there, touch the Beads when you feel temptation, hurt, fear.’

And to Her daughters, I do say: ‘Have a place upon you for the Beads each day so you do not forget them, but remember this: Always carry them in dignity. Carry them, not exposing them to ridicule, but hold them close, hold them dear. Make them a part of your life, for you see, these Prayers are the Mortar against the greatest evil in the world, against the greatest enemy − God’s.’ So be it from here.”

Excerpt of a Revelation from Saint Bernadette
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on January 19, 1973 at 7:59 PM