The Miracle of Saint Joseph


The Miracle of Saint Joseph began on July 28, 1967 in Southern California and continued for more than 42 years. God chose Frances Marie Klug, a True Mystic, as His instrument to deliver The Miracle of Saint Joseph to the world.

Heaven’s Messages, called Revelations or Teachings, were delivered spontaneously.  They were meticulously transcribed and documented exactly as spoken, without alteration, in a collection called Stories from Heaven.

“The whole world needs This Great Miracle that I have sent forth upon the earth, to extend My Power and My Love, My Light and My Hope, for men of all kinds to come Above. The Soul of each man must be delivered unto Me, must respond to Whom I Am, What I Am, How I Am; and the Soul cries out for the Light It knows I Am. You have light in this room. Your light is but an imitation of the Light of your Soul. The Soul reflects everything you are. The Soul is My Love for you. How else could the life of a human being be restored, carried on, unless there was a Connection between Me and you, to remain forever?”

Excerpt of a Revelation from God The Father
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug on February 24, 1977 at 10:05 PM