When to Pray

Through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, Heaven described many ways to communicate with God in prayer through our thoughts, words, and actions. The Revelations tell us that prayers can be short and simple, formal or informal, and that any daily task, duty or act of service can be offered as a prayer.


“Prayer is the most neglected thing man has access to. Prayer can be said in the quiet of a thought, in the noise of a room. It can be said constantly, for no man has the ability to control your prayer, only you.”

“If you are troubled, pray. If you are happy, pray. If you are concerned, pray. If you are lonely, pray. If you are in doubt, pray. If you feel sufficient on your own, pray. If you feel lost, pray. If you are ill in the physical, pray. If spiritually you feel low, pray. What more can I say? ”

Excerpt of a Revelation from Our Heavenly Mother
Delivered Through Frances Marie Klug
on December 17, 1970 at 2:10 PM


Teaching Delivered Through
Frances Marie Klug
on November 13, 1979



“Prayer is a way of life, not just moments in life. Prayer is a composite of our actions, our thoughts, our words and our deeds. Prayer, in essence, is an expression of our Faith in God. Prayer is a reminder of our dependency upon God. Prayer is an expression of hope. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is example. Prayer is a means to tell others what our moral values and our moral standards are.

There are many ways to pray: verbally, silently, actively, spiritually. Prayer can be a commitment to a specific vocation of life.

Prayer is protection, for when we are praying, our mind, our body and our Soul are in union with our Faith in God.”

Through my prayers, help me to reach purity. Through my prayers, help me to be example of purity. Through my prayers, help me to teach others purity. Through my prayers, let all things I am become pure.”


Revelation Delivered Through
Frances Marie Klug
on April 21, 1982


“When you say a prayer, a prayer is an important thing in your life, whether the prayer be a request, a mere statement or a thanksgiving, because a prayer responds to the Light of Heaven and a prayer is communication with God.

When you think of a prayer, you don’t necessarily have to say a long one. Make it short, say it on the run, but when you say it, say it with love, say it with dignity, respect, and always say it as a child, as a servant to God.

When you walk in to work, into a store, into your home, from room to room, make it a habit to say a prayer. Communicate constantly with God. All you have to say is, ‘I love You, God.’ All you have to do is think the prayer. He’ll know you’re there. When you’re tired, all you have to say is, ‘Stay with me, God, I don’t want to be alone at this time.’ When you’re in fear, call His Name. You can be sure that He will hear.

So many men walk through life not communicating, thinking it always has to be done in a special place, in a special way, at a special time. Keep in mind, you are children of His and children should constantly call upon the Authority, the Parent, the One in which they can seek True Love.

God waits every moment of every day for a child to say, ‘Hello, God, don’t leave me alone today.’ And then later on He remembers to watch out for the child who remembered to think about Him in a little way.

My sons, I am your Heavenly Mother and I speak in a very solemn way. It is necessary for you to know The Father Exists and He is in constant communication with your Soul. Do not let men who do not believe cause you tostray. Do not permit men to distract you from the small prayer many times every day.

When you awaken in the morning He loves to hear you say:

‘Good morning, God, help me today.

‘Good morning, God, I’m awake now, I’ll talk to You later.’

‘Good morning, God, help me to hurry, I’m late again.’

‘Good morning, God, today is going to be a special day.’

‘Good morning, God, I’m in a hurry, don’t let me be argumentative today.’

‘Good morning, God, help me through the rough spots, I feel irritable today.’

‘Good morning, God, I’ll talk to You later.’

My sons, how many of you have made this practice part of your life? How many of you have felt it had to be a lengthy prayer? Don’t think this way for if you do, your communication with Him will be less and He will wonder where you are. Even though He sees your actions, He wants your thoughts, and of course, your attention. Through these attentions from you, through your remembering little things, little thoughts, little actions, you will grow more in love with Him, and of course, for each one of these He will bless you.

Do not expect The Father to hand you everything you want. Some of it is not good for you. And, as a Mother to each of you, as The Queen of Heaven, as The Mother of The Son of God, I want you to know, there were many times when I was upon the earth and We saw The Son in need of things and He would say to Us, ‘It would be nice to have it,’ We would say, ‘Yes, it would.’ He did not always get it, but He knew that Our Decision was correct for it was part of living in the human life, and everything We did was as Example for you.

Be aware of the Light of the Heavens. Be aware of the Truth of the Heavens, and be aware, My sons, that God does love you. I love you in such a different way than you expect Me to. I love you as a Mother but I love you because I want you to one day be with Us, through the Gift of your Soul, for All Eternity.

Your Soul is Special. You do not always see this. Your Soul is a Portion of God. Remember this. And every time you communicate, every time you remember a small word, a small prayer, the Soul responds to the Light of The Father’s Love.

Do not forget, you have many hours in the day to talk to other men. How can you forget to talk to God, Who watches over you, Who gave you the Light to walk in, Who gave you the Faith to believe in Him? A small prayer, He responds to. Love, He never rejects, for you were created to His Image and His Likeness, and the will you have is from Him. Your Soul, a Portion of Him; your personality, your desires, your hopes, your dreams, your imagination, your abilities, your capabilities, all from Him, part of the Likeness of Him.

Be blessed, My sons, and know, tonight you must remember to always communicate with Him. So be it.”