ON MAY 9, 2001 AT 12:29 PM


“I am Saint Benedict.

There is a great necessity for men, women and children to begin to realize, and then practice the importance of morality.

Throughout the world The Commandments of The Creator are being disgraced in so many ways, by so many individuals who are thoroughly ignoring the Reason and the Purpose for which These Rules for human life were given.

It would be easy to pick one Commandment and tell you the number of sins, at this moment, that are being committed in many areas of this Commandment.  It is the Sixth Commandment.  It is sad when We see such disgraceful behavior practiced by so-called ‘intelligent, moral’ human beings.

Another Commandment that there is much abuse to, and that, of course, is: Thou Shalt Not Steal.  So many individuals feel that this Commandment only covers monetary measures, but that is not true.  Many times the reputation of another human being is abused, stolen, because of jealousy, and many other weaknesses.  This Commandment has many sins, because of lust, anger, hate.

Today as I speak, I speak as a Saint.  I, too, once walked the earth in a human form.  It is important that there is more emphasis in homes, in public places, on what is morally decent, morally correct, because through human life people of all ages should realize that The Commandments were only really delivered for human life.  Animal life was not included.

Today is an important day in the life of every human being living, but it is also a very important day for the Souls of those who have passed away, for do not forget, retribution must be made.

It is sad for Me to say there is too little prayer for the Souls in Purgatory or in Hell.  Granted, no one knows just where, the ones they loved or knew, or even strangers to them to a degree, but it would be an Act of Faith in The Creator, and an Act of Love in thanksgiving, knowing you have the ability to pray for the Souls of those who, perhaps at one time ignored the full meaning of sound morality.

I could speak hours on the importance of the need for all who now live, all ages, to recognize that what is right as you live, what is pure as you live, what is good, what is sound, must be remembered, because the Soul is the recipient of all an individual partakes in, acts upon, and causes others to respond morally or immorally, purely or impurely, just or unjust, right or wrong.

Volumes could be written on the importance of how an individual should look at each day, but in reality, the basics have already been explained, and as I leave you I say, ‘All you are example of will one day be seen by you in a different way.’ So be it.”

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