Saint Joseph | July 30, 1972

“My beloved children, repast is more important to men than man can conceive, for repast is a time where the physical gets relief. The physical way is important to God and He has given it a special pattern, a special role, a special order, and it must be nourished at particular times.

Many times, as Mary, as Jesus and I would take repast in Our time, in Our way, in Our day, We would enjoy the conversation as you do. We would enjoy even the action that would take place at this time of day. Of course, We would give Each Other jesting thoughts, jesting ways, and it would add humor, lightness, love, to Our day.

And now, as I join you, in ways you cannot see, always when the child is present, I am there with thee. You must understand that We, Who are in the Heavens Here with God, are aware of every move you make, every place you go and every word you say.

So, through This Miracle of Love, I say to you, ‘The closeness that We are is a Beauty to behold,’ for as you walk as We walked, one day you will stand Here Where We are and you will, in some way, help other children God’s Way. Look forward to this time. Prepare for it now. Enjoy the physical, for it will help you wear a Crown.

I bless you with a Love you cannot know and I say: ‘Repast, respite, are much a part of the physical way. We encourage it, and yes, God allows it, for you see, He created it. Be blessed by this time, be aware of this time. Grow in love with God during this time and thank Him for the day. It was well-spent, yes, and it showed love totally in His Way.’ So be it.”