some people are born 'who' make things happen | December 27, 1982

“It isn’t always luck. It isn’t always a special Gift. It is an innate desire to accomplish, to succeed, to make every effort to use what he or she is made of, consists of, to bring happiness to others, to cause special events to take place.

Effort is always needed to perform such tasks. Perseverance to carry out and through the necessary work or ideas is the key to the exceptional or meaningful occurrences or happenings.

Just thinking or wishing doesn’t obtain big results. Action, perseverance, and goals of some people make life more enjoyable, easier, more worthwhile and successful for others.

Each man here has the ability and capability to have a life of fulfillment. The necessary ingredients will differ in each man’s makeup, nature, and personality. In some cases, your present vocation of life would not necessarily be the source to trigger, or to be the format for what you can eventually be the source of to make the world a better place to be in, or to give hope to other people’s lives.

So many times men put restrictions on their abilities and capabilities, because they have good intentions but do not motivate themselves to carry out and persevere, conquering the obstacles that occur many times only as little disappointments or jealous interferences that in reality can be easily overcome if one perseveres in the direction of accomplishment.

Don’t wait for others to motivate you. Sound motivation to fulfillment comes from within one’s own being and is carried out, through and by the individual. You have read many books on men who have led lives of obvious adventure, renowned for their famous actions and activities that obviously did not just happen, but were confronted with obstacles of people’s natures, with people’s indifferences, with people’s negativism, with people’s criticism.

This Retreat is to awaken in each one here, the need, the reason, the understanding, the strength, and the goal for Spiritual growth; but in the reality of life, of living, we must also look at Spiritual Faith as the foundation for activity surrounding and permeating every facet of one’s life.

So at this time, if each man will look deeper into what he is all about, perhaps God, hearing your thoughts and your intentions, will give you the strength you will need to conquer not only your weaknesses, but the strength to partake in making things happen that will be important to mankind in many ways.”