Saint Not Named | March 10, 1970

“I was a wife, I was a mother and now I am a Saint. I have permission to come to this child to speak of many things to you, to help you understand the way and the purpose of it. Do not be foolish and mistake your daily tasks as burdens. They are not, My daughters, for each one is a step to Heaven.

The very act of talking to every one you love can be an act of love to God to teach others of Him. Your example in performance of your daily way of living can be the acts that others see to show them the beauty of living. The hardships you endure with courage and with strength can help you on the way of growing, and help others to think.

Don’t ever act in any way that you would not expect The Mother of The Son of God to act. What Better Example could God have given you, the Way of Mary, the Way of life, the Reason for it, too?

Each night, when you do lay your head, remember that your prayers should be to thank the God you love for the day that He did share. The little aches and pains of life are truly small, My daughters, compared to all the Blessings, when you remember them to offer. Do not be satisfied with less for if you strive this way, the Goal will not be as Great as the One He has for you. Do not let other men discourage you in any way, for I am Here and I do know the Purpose of the way.

Many Saints have walked the way that you do now, My daughters. They eagerly desire to help you reach Here soon. They add a Word and say, ‘Do not accept to falter but strive to walk each day in gain so when the time does come, the moment that you leave the world, your life will have begun.’

I end this Revelation with Truth in What I’ve said. The Words I’ve used are meant to help each one of you to Here. Many Saints do say this too: ‘Please offer up your prayers for the Souls Who couldn’t make it and now are shedding tears. Your daily way of life can be an aid to Them. Don’t let one day pass without remembering Them.’