Preparing for the End of Life

“The day will come, and as you stand before Him the Blessings will be so many, and the Love He will extend to you, far beyond your knowledge, and you will say: ‘Oh, my God, I am so sorry I neglected You so much of the time. Teach those I love to love You more.’ A chance yet for you to teach them yourselves. A beautiful beginning for a beautiful end, which will be the true beginning.”

Saint Joseph
March 30, 1970

“Use everything you are and everything you have, to return to God the Soul, so you can say to God: I did my best with what You gave me. I hope, dear God, that You will say to me, ‘All the effort you put forth, your Soul will be with Me for All Eternity.’

“Something To Think About”
August 1, 1980

“God, I love You, help me to be better today, help me to know the path of Truth, of Light, of Hope, so when the time comes that We will meet Face to face, I know that You will not send me away.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas
August 3, 1988

“It is your will that will one day hand a Pure Soul to God, and you will say: ‘It was difficult, God, for so many times men tried to draw me away. But I understood in a moment of truth that my will was my way, and You gave it to me in a quiet way at the moment of my conception as a human being, to one day live in the world. Thank You, God, for the privilege. Thank You, God, for the time. Thank You, God, for the strength that I learned to have, that I worked at, so I could one day live with You in the Divine.’

Saint Teresa of Avila
September 11, 1985

“Many times I say, ‘Thank You, Father, for the ability to have the strong will and the ability to use it properly, and the ability to understand the decisions that I would make at that moment would definitely be important for the final end,’ but then I would always want to add: ‘As one life ended, a More Beautiful One began.’

Saint Therese of Lisieux
July 11, 1990

“One day when you stand Face to face with The Holy Trinity, you will remember this night and you will say: ‘Thank You, Father, for telling me, through a Saint, how I was made unto Your Likeness; and the best part of it all is, that on that night I realized I could become a Saint. So now, as I stand before You at Judgment Time and looking into Your Face, please God, I stand in Grace. And in Your Judgment, I know that Justice will certainly take place.’

Saint Aloysius
August 3, 1973

“As you stand before Me one day, be prepared in such a way to say:
‘I sought You, God, upon the earth. I failed so many times, but in my love and in my Faith, I hoped that I would reach You Here.’ And be prepared, when you do this and when you stand this way, to accept My Judgment, for you will know it will be Just in every way.”

God The Father
September 9, 1974

“Though my life to the world appears to have been in vain, I secretly look into my heart’s loves and ways, and I say to God:
‘Though in man’s ways I have failed, I feel that You, and only You, know what direction was meant by every move I made.
Please, God, do not feel I want praise, but I want You to know that everything I did, everything I said, was hopefully to please only You, to be a credit to Your Gift of life and become a Saint, in spite of my weaknesses man’s way.
I love You, God; I want You to know this. I write and say it so there can be no doubt between Us, that though man may say and feel my life was in vain, Our Closeness deepened because of my little ways; not for the great things men would recognize, but for the little things I did and gave in Your Name and Your Name alone.’

June 11, 1984

“The words at the end, when I knew I could no longer fight for what I knew was right, have never been given to the world correctly. I am Saint Joan of Arc. My words were these:
‘If I have failed You, my God, forgive me. If I have done one impure thing that was my own fault, forgive me. And now that man has judged me and I go to Your Judgment, have mercy on me, for in my littleness, if I have failed You, I ask Your Forgiveness. Do not let the evil one touch me. I could not bear the stench of his place. Please God, take me to Where You are, for my Soul’s sake.’

Saint Joan of Arc
March 13, 1985


“As a child goes to a mother for comfort, understanding, teaching, direction and support, we must go to Our Blessed Mother for these things, for there is no greater way to show Her our love than to say to Her:
‘Please help me, Dear Mother, to follow God’s Rules until the physical ends, so when I return to Heaven with You and with Him,the Graces I earned will please the Both of You, according to Divine Plan.’

“A Daily Reminder”
May 1, 1978

“Use your weaknesses as a crown of thorns, and as you wear that crown each day, say to God, ‘When I meet You Face to face, I will trade this crown for a Beautiful One that You make for me one day.’

Saint Peter
September 17, 1986

“One day you can hold tight to that Faith, and when you breathe your last breath you can say to Him quietly:
‘Thank You, God, for giving me the days I lived, for now I know that at this time You are so close to me and I am close to You. What would I have done without my Faith in all that You have given me? I would not have become a Saint, I know; but I will reach further as I walk from this spot to Where You are. God, hold my hand, take care of me, do not let me fall in this last part of life.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
June 4, 1991

“No human being wants to be ill. Well, always remember, My children, that the Soul I have given you does not want a blemish, a gray spot, a scar, a dimness, because of you. Your Soul is loyal to you in many, many ways, and yet your Soul yearns to be with Me for All Days.
Remember These Words tonight and remember Them in a little Light, and when you do, be assured that your Soul, in knowing that you are remembering These Words, will turn to Me and say, ‘Heavenly Father, Heavenly One, oh, King of All Creation, bless the child and help the child return Me to You for All Eternity.’

God The Father
October 14, 1981