Prayers for Children to Say


“I know that I am little. I know that I am small. I know that every move I make can be example to all. I know that I have been given a chance to use the will I have, to express to everyone I meet the beauty for which I live. I want to be a Saint. I want to be with God. I want to walk a path of love to one day be with Him Above. Please help me in everything I do, to keep in mind, my Purpose upon the earth, which is for me to return to God, Who is Divine. Amen.”

“A Prayer For Sainthood”

“Children must be taught that prayer is not just to be said while in bed. Teach them to say: ‘Good morning, God. I love You. Help me through the day.’ Teach them to silently ask His Help. They do not need to say what they feel inside, out loud.”

Saint Bernadette
August 6, 1992

“I give you a prayer on this night for you to say as you live each day in the human way:
‘Heavenly Father, bless me today. Heavenly Mother, don’t let me stray. Son of God, teach me like You did other men, and please, Dear Spirit of God, keep my Soul pure in all I am.’

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit
January 5, 1983

“The moment I awake, I must say to Him: ‘I offer You this day, my God, in everything I do and say, so that everything I am will reflect Your Will today. Help me to grow in Graces that I could not gain alone. Help me to reach for purity, so I will one day see You on Your Throne.’

“ Time”
August 9, 1972

“It would be strengthening if you were to say, as you awaken in the morning:
‘Good morning, God, thank You for this day. I will do all I can to make You proud of me. I will do all I can to make You feel good about me. God, give me the strength to endure anything that comes my way, but also, give me the hope and the desire to pray.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
April 17, 1991

“You must begin to learn to pray, and children must begin with each prayer this way: ‘I love You, God. Help me to walk Your Way.’

Saint Francis of Assisi
August 9, 1972

“I love You, God, let Your Will be my way. Let everything I do today be in Your Honor, to show love Your Way. Let my whole being be in such a way that others will see You through my eyes, through my work, through my walk, through my deeds, and through everything I say.”

Our Heavenly Mother
January 5, 1973

“Remember to say the prayer:
‘Our Lady of All Light and All Purity, be with me. Do not leave me and do not allow me to stray.’
And then do not forget to kneel, bow your head or genuflect.”

Saint Athanasius
May 5, 1982

“Remember every day, to kneel upon your knees and say the prayer that I do give you today.
‘I love You, God. Help me to know how I should walk today. Keep me good. Help me know what You want me to do today. Please, tell Our Blessed Mother that I do love Her too, and tell Saint Joseph to protect me when my daddy’s not around to do it. Please, help me love You more and more, so one day, if I am asked how much I love You, there’ll be no delay in what I say. I love You, God. Thank You for this life and thank You for this day.’

Saint Not Named
April 22, 1970

“I will give you a prayer for little ones, and I would like this prayer to be spread where little ones are, because you see, in their innocence they will appreciate this prayer, understand this prayer, and say it when they please:
‘God, I cannot see You, but I know that Something inside of me tells me I love You. I also know that You created me and when You did, it was through Your Love for me.
God, help me to be so good, that one day when I return to You, You will be so happy to see me, because I did everything I could to please You, by being good. So be it.’

Saint Agnes
August 29, 1995

“It would be good to learn to pray for the good of one’s Soul and ignore prayer for other things. It would be good to understand, it would be enlightening to begin to practice kneeling by your bed, saying, ‘God, I love You; thank You for the day.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
April 17, 1991

“I will give you a special little prayer for you alone to say. Before you lay your head at night, bow your head and say:
‘I love You, God, in a very special way. I love You, Blessed Mother, for God did choose You in a special way. Teach me to be like You were — obedient in all things.
Please guide and guard me through the night until I awake again.’
Note: This Revelation was given to a small girl.

Saint Anne
April 20, 1970