Nighttime Prayers

“Tonight, before you lay your head, I ask you, children, to look up to the sky He made and say a prayer like this:
‘I know You’re in all things, my God, for I see it in this glance. Please help me more to understand and not to take a chance on ever turning from Your Way, for I do love You, God.
Thank You for the life You gave me and for those that I do love. Help me, God, to walk tomorrow and grow more in love with You. Help me see the things I need to see so I will help others gather around You. Don’t let my life be one alone but let me use it well. Help me to know the things I should and the thoughts on which I should dwell.
Help me let tonight be the beginning, my God, to strive for higher things in the Realm of Heaven. I love You, God, good night for now, and never leave my side, for each moment that I breathe, I need You, God, You’re mine.’

Saint Not Named
March 2, 1970

“The most beautiful prayer in the world is simple:
‘God, thank You for today. I hope I did something to please You, in my own way. Help me tomorrow, God, to be a better man. Help me to be example so that others will learn from me the beauty of morals in the way of man. I love You, God, goodnight for now. Help me to remember You tomorrow morning before I go my way.’

Saint Thomas Aquinas
August 3, 1988

“On the morrow, perhaps even tonight you will remember to say, ‘I love You, God, good night.’ And then on the morrow when you awaken for the day, say, ‘Good morning, God, I love You; stay with me today.’
It is a treasure of a prayer and it is a prayer that is easy to say. It is also a prayer that He loves to hear for He knows then that you are thinking of Him in your little way.”

Saint Catherine Laboure
April 5, 1989

“Say These Words tonight and every night:
‘I love You, God. Thank You for this life. Help me, God, to return to Thee.’

God The Father
April 8, 1970

“Tonight, when you lay your head, say a prayer to Me and offer sacrifice, offer love, give penance, and make a promise that you will love Me more. It will be easy to do and I will hear you; and remember, My children, the act will bear much fruit.”

Our Lord
February 26, 1971

“As you lay your head on a soft place, remember the time My Head, full of thorns, was pressed against a wooden frame that bore My Bones. It will make it easier for you to say, ‘I love You, God, help me to grow each day.’

Our Lord
February 26, 1971

“Before you lay your head at night, say:
‘Thank You, God, for another day. Give me the privilege of tomorrow for I promise You, in it and through it, I will extend to You Honor, always hoping to get closer, always desiring to do Your Will, and yes, always remember that my time is Yours.’

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
September 9, 1974

“My children, say before you retire on this night:
‘Dear God, Sainthood is truly my Goal. Let me be inspired with love, hope, charity and humility. Let me feel the Light of Your Love, and the inspiration You have delivered to me. Give me the strength to be example to all men. Help me to know what I must do for the good of my Soul, as I walk in the world with men.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
January 11, 1978

“Be sure, My children, when you pray tonight, kneel and say the words just right. And as you pray, look up to Him, and then bow your head and nod again. And do not forget, when you are through and you say, ‘Amen,’ whisper a little note of thanksgiving and of love, for He will hear all of them.”

Saint Teresa of Avila
June 10, 1981

“Tonight, before you lay your head, it would be wise to kneel by your bed and say a prayer asking for forgiveness for all the mistakes, all the errors, all the weaknesses displayed during the day. It would also be wise to ask God to help you tomorrow be a better man.”

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit
February 17, 1982

“Never forget to say at night, before you lay your head, a special little prayer asking forgiveness for all the things you have done that could have scarred your Soul even a little bit.”

Saint Therese of Lisieux
March 23, 1983

“Never forget to thank The Father for the privilege of human life, and never forget to say, before you shut your eyes at night:
‘Heavenly Father, teach me to take good care of my Soul, so when It one day stands before You, It will glow and glow and glow with a brightness far beyond what I could imagine, for I truly love You, God, and I do not always show it, but inside me there is Some Part of me that makes me want to be special in Your Eyes for All Eternity.’

Saint Teresa of Avila
October 9, 1990

“When you lie your head at night and you say, ‘God, help me to have no fear in what I am about, help me to understand that I must do certain things,’ He hears you.”

Saint John Vianney
August 13, 1986

“Be sure you close the day as you say ‘Goodnight’ or ‘God bless you,’ to those with whom you live, but remember to say to The Father:
‘I love You, God. Thank You for today. I hope tomorrow I will show, in every way, more expression of my love for You, more example to everyone I am with, or who sees me and I do not see them. Thank You, God, for the ability to pray. Thank You for giving me the strength to know that You Exist, and that I can one day be with You again for All Eternity.’

Saint Anastasia
October 12, 1992

“Every night, every human being should say:
‘Thank You, Heavenly Father; thank You, Heavenly Mother, for helping me be a Saint, because it is the only Goal I see that will return me to from Where I came, and that is to return as a Saint.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
April 7, 2006

“Do not forget to say you are sorry. Do not forget to apologize, and do not forget to ask God to bless you tonight for the errors you made, for in the errors, you could have delayed another child going to God today.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
August 17, 1973

“Can you say before you lay your head at night, ‘I’ve walked for You today, my God, in every step I took, every thought I had, every act I performed, and yes, every word I said’? It is important for you to make this examination of conscience, examination of your way of life, every night before you lay your head.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
March 23, 1994

“How many men, women and children throughout the world greet each other with a ‘Good morning’, or a ‘Good night’? Would it not be wise to use this same advantage of speech to greet The Father and The Heavenly Mother with a short recognition that you are aware of Their Presence? And then when night falls it would be so easy to say:
‘I love You for giving me this day, and as I say good night to You, I pray You will be with me all through the night.’

Our Heavenly Mother
February 18, 2000