Saint Teresa
of Avila

1515 - 1582

Saint Teresa of Avila

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 9, 1990


“It would be very difficult for the human mind to fully understand how We speak through a human being who bears all the natural means of human life. We oftentimes say, ‘We speak through a fragile human being.’ We oftentimes say the word ‘delicate’. That is true, but We have also in different ways said, ‘A warrior for God’.

Now, when people hear the word ‘warrior’, they expect a physically robust, strong human being, but it does not take this type of physical to love God. Sometimes a child can love God so deeply that the child, in all example, expresses something from within. The child is a warrior, small in stature, but can be example beyond what a great big muscular human being can be.

You sometimes look at a child and you say, ‘My, what innocence; isn’t that beautiful,’ and yet, what are you drawn to? You are drawn to, perhaps the goodness, perhaps the love that the child projects. Perhaps you are drawn to something that you cannot describe, and yet this is not an adult human being; but the child, in his or her own way, has a deep Faith in Something Greater, a respect that radiates.

I am Saint Teresa of Avila. I come on this night through the permission of The Father, to try to help you understand the Importance of All you have learned and that you, too, can be a warrior for God in a simple way, through your example and through the time that you give in showing others the importance of being a warrior for God in your own way, through your own actions.

Never be afraid to make an expression of love in honoring Him. Never let those you are with stop you from showing some act; no matter what they may look like or think on the surface, it will leave a mark within them.

The Sisters I lived with, I worked with, I directed, would come to me with their problems. Many times I was their confessor, and I would listen to them and I would listen to the turmoil within them, the anxiousness, and sometimes when they would feel that they had done something that was very wrong in the Eyes of God, it was because they were so sensitive to the Greatness of God. The matter could be small, but they had grown so in love with wanting to serve Him to the fullest that they found little inadequacies alarming to them and they wanted so to please The Father in so many ways, in every way.

Sometimes I used to say to them, ‘You have the wrong feeling, you must not think that way.’ Some left me in tears, some left me in joy. Some left me, wondering if they had heard me correctly, and I would always raise my eyes to The Father when they would leave, and say: ‘Heavenly Father, give them the strength to understand they are but little human beings and they must use their littleness, their love, the best way they can, and not try to imitate all the others here, but to reach out individually and seek Your Hand.’

You must understand, My little ones, that you are all individuals in the Eyes of The Father. Your Soul will stand before Him as an individual Soul and the Soul will represent you. And when you see this Soul of yours standing there, that you were responsible for everything that this Soul now is being Judged for, how will you leave that Soul behind when the separation of body and Soul takes place at a given time?

The physical life is important; never doubt this. The life of your Soul, Important; never doubt this. But never forget to thank The Father for the privilege of human life, and never forget to say, before you shut your eyes at night:

‘Heavenly Father, teach me to take good care of my Soul, so when It one day stands before You, It will glow and glow and glow with a brightness far beyond what I could imagine, for I truly love You, God, and I do not always show it, but inside me there is Some Part of me that makes me want to be special in Your Eyes for All Eternity.’ So be it.”