Morning Prayers

“After the Cross, your sign of love, say these words:

‘I offer You this day, my God, for a very special purpose. Please place each act, each word I say, each step I do take in the way, to help another that You choose today. Let every breath that I do breathe be for the things You want. Do not let me sin today and cause anyone hurt. I love You, God, please know this, and help me love You more, for the happiness I know is waiting for all men. I ask You, God, to help me each day from now on. Amen.’

Saint Not Named
March 12, 1970

“Say to Him as you awaken in the morning:

‘Thy Will, my God,  today,  not mine. Teach me to do Your Will in all things.’

Saint Francis of Assisi
April 18, 1972

“When you awaken in the morning, offer quiet prayers to The One Who made you, and as you do this, be sure you thank Him for the privilege of the day. Do not become so sure of your intelligence, your knowledge, yourself, that you forget to look to Him first each day.”

Our Blessed Mother
March 22, 1972

“You are to begin each day with a prayer to The Father, saying:
‘I love You, God. Please help me through this day. I thank You for the privilege of living the human way. And above all things, please, God, see that I come Your Way.’

Saint Francis of Assisi
August 9, 1972

“Good morning, God, I love You. I know You know my name. But please, do not let one moment today pass without Your Hand holding me tightly, for I do not want to stray.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
October 27, 1972

“There is no better way to start the day than to say:
‘Good morning, God. I love You. Please be with me all day, and do not allow me in any way to stray. Please let all that I am and all that I will do show to everyone my love for You. Help me to grow so I will never falter or fail in my obedience to Your Rules.’

“Why Wait”
December 8, 1981

“On the morrow, when you awaken, say this prayer: ‘Dear God, let me be humble today. Let me show tolerance. Let me give to other men, hope. Let me extend my hand. Let my face radiate the Beauty of Divine Way. Teach me to trust. Teach me the dignity that should be man’s.’

Saint Mary Magdalene
August 29, 1973

“The moment I awake, I must say to Him: ‘I offer You this day, my God, in everything I do and say, so that everything I am will reflect Your Will today. Help me to grow in Graces that I could not gain alone. Help me to reach for purity, so I will one day see You on Your Throne.’

September 27, 1978

“When you awaken in the morning He loves to hear you say:
‘Good morning, God, help me today.’
‘Good morning, God, I’m awake now, I’ll talk to You later.’
‘Good morning, God, help me to hurry, I’m late again.’
‘Good morning, God, today is going to be a special day.’
‘Good morning, God, I’m in a hurry, don’t let me be argumentative today.’
‘Good morning, God, help me through the rough spots, I feel irritable today.’
‘Good morning, God, I’ll talk to You later.’

Our Heavenly Mother
April 21, 1982

“In the morning when you arise, make it a habit to say:
‘Good morning, God, I love You, stay with me today. Good morning, Blessed Mother, please do not forget, if I stray today even a little bit, grab me by the shoulder, turn me another way, for I do not want to scar my Soul another time, another way.’
And never forget to add to this little prayer:
‘Saint Joseph, hold me close to the Wisdom of God, to the Will of God, and help me to learn to share the burden of the day and the love God expects me to give to others, the way He Wills it to be given through me today.’

Saint Therese of Lisieux
March 23, 1983

“It would be strengthening if you were to say, as you awaken in the morning:
‘Good morning, God, thank You for this day. I will do all I can to make You proud of me. I will do all I can to make You feel good about me. God, give me the strength to endure anything that comes my way, but also, give me the hope and the desire to pray.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
April 17, 1991

“Be sure that you open the day with a prayer, requesting a Blessing for yourselves and for others.”

Saint Anastasia
October 12, 1992

“How many men, women and children awaken in the morning, and immediately make ‘The Sign of The Cross’, with a silent prayer that The Father will give them the strength to use that day not just productively but spiritually, moral, loving, giving, and serving in many ways?”

Saint Francis of Assisi
August 12, 1998

“Ask yourself:
‘Upon awakening on this day: Was my first thought to pray, asking The Father to bless the day, or was it what I was to do according to how I live, what I am bound to morally, physically? Was prayer the first thing I thought of, asking The Creator to bless my day?’

Saint Therese of Lisieux
March 4, 1999

“I love You, God, let Your Will be my way. Let everything I do today be in Your Honor, to show love Your Way. Let my whole being be in such a way that others will see You through my eyes, through my work, through my walk, through my deeds, and through everything I say.”

Our Heavenly Mother
January 5, 1973

“Be sure that when you see the responsibility when you wake, responsibility to say to The Father, ‘I love You, help me today,’ and then I am always overjoyed when a child turns and says, ‘Mother, guide me on my way’; and of course, The Son Who walked the earth loves to hear a child pray, He loves to hear that beautiful prayer, ‘Our Father’, Who sent the way.”

Our Heavenly Mother
November 13, 1985

“Children must be taught that prayer is not just to be said while in bed. Teach them to say: ‘Good morning, God. I love You. Help me through the day.’ Teach them to silently ask His Help. They do not need to say what they feel inside, out loud.”

Saint Bernadette
August 6, 1992

“When you awaken after a night’s sleep, make your first words a ‘Thank You’ to The Father’s Love for giving you the Gift of human life, because it is the only living matter or thing that has a Soul, a Portion of The Creator of All Things within it.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
January 31, 2001

“Each day when you awaken, a small prayer would comfort you. Maybe it would take awhile to do this, but it would be nice to say:
‘Good morning, God, I love You. Please help me in everything I do today, for the good of my Soul, and also that in doing this, I will prove my love for You for Another Time, Another Way.’

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
August 7, 2001