Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 27, 1972 at 7:52 pm


“I have often spoken through the child in many, many ways, and many of you know My Name. I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

You see, My children, in your day when so much turmoil is all around, so much trouble through sound, God has Decreed This Time to be, for you to learn the Way to Here for All Eternity. Be blessed by these moments that God gives to the world and listen to the Wisdom that He unfolds.

So many men desire to relate to God. It is much easier to do, for you see, it can be done through prayer, through submission of will, through being example for all men to come Here.

Many men walk the earth in great pride and ego. They say: ‘Why her, why not me? I am good, perhaps she is evil.’ But now I say to you on this day: ‘Listen well. God always chooses little ones to tell to others whom He created, the Wisdom and the Love He wants them to know.’

Man says, ‘If Heaven is so Beautiful, how can any child represent It?’ God smiles at this and says: ‘Each Creation of Mine represents Heaven, for as I have given you love to use toward each other, there is a Higher Love in Heaven. As I have given you Truth to follow, Heaven is Purity, Heaven is Wisdom.’

So you see, My children, if you will but understand, the way to God as man is simple. Awaken in the morning and say to Him quite plain:

‘Good morning, God, I love You. I know You know my name. But please, do not let one moment today pass without Your Hand holding me tightly, for I do not want to stray.’

No fancy prayer need be said, no great lengthy way, just constant little reminders to keep Him with you every moment of the day, and you will find that, in many ways, it’s the way for all men to come Here, the simple little path of love, the way of service that God truly loves.

Some men stand with great knowledge. Some men stand so eager to express to others what they have learned through the books written by others. These men are wise in many ways, but these very men could not say, ‘I love You, God, hold my hand today.’

Many, Many Saints have spoken through this child, Many more yet to come for quite awhile. The peace that is within her, the peace that surrounds her, you feel all the while, and when you do, remember this: It is service to The Father that renders such a peace, it is desire to please Him alone that makes the service complete.

So I, Saint Alphonsus, as you know Me to be, express My Love on this night for The Holy Trinity by trying, through the Will of God, to draw each of thee close to Here in a little way. Be blessed, My children, and I say, ‘Do not let one day go by that you do not express care in what your standing is with God, Who is always Here.’ So be it.”