Mission Statement

The purpose of the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope is to bring the Revelations given through The Miracle of Saint Joseph to people of All Races, All Colors and All Creeds throughout the world, both now and in the future.

Guiding Principles

We are dedicated to the preservation, publication and distribution of Stories From Heaven®, the authentic compilation of Divine Revelations delivered through Frances Marie Klug, the True Mystic chosen by God to bring The Miracle of Saint Joseph to the world.

Non-Profit Corporation

To fund daily operations supporting our Mission, we rely on charitable contributions. Stories from Heaven Volumes are offered without charge and are not to be sold for profit. Donations are accepted to cover printing and shipping costs.


We maintain full autonomy in order to faithfully preserve all of the Revelations given to the world through The Miracle of Saint Joseph. As such, we are an independent, all-volunteer, non-profit corporation that is not affiliated with any other religious, political, commercial, educational or governmental institution.