All of Heaven has spoken

“The Goal for which life was begun...was to one day have the Soul return to The Father, a Saint.”

Saint Patrick | April 26, 2000

For the first time in history, all of Heaven has spoken directly to the world, giving us The Miracle of Saint Joseph through a True Mystic, Frances Marie Klug.

“You, too, can follow a pattern in the love of God, for Him, with Him, but remember, never seek to do it alone. You will fail. Ask Him to hold your hand and you cannot fail.”


The Paths to Heaven are curated collections of Revelations from The Miracle of Saint Joseph. To explore any Path, select a topic below.



I try to be genuinely kind to others.

“Kindness is a Blessing. Hope is a Blessing. Generosity is a Blessing, and an innate desire to help someone is a Blessing, and each time one of these appear in the background of a human being, I, your Heavenly Father, thank you.”

Our Heavenly Father | August 3, 2006

Through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, thousands of Revelations from God, the Angels, and the Saints were given to the world through Frances Marie Klug, a True Mystic. This Miracle began in 1967 in Southern California and continued for 42 years. To learn more, select a link:

Read the Words, listen to them, follow them. Let these Words lead you straight to Here, for you see, for many, many years This Great Miracle was planned to give mankind the direct way to become a Saint …