God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 17, 1996


“I speak to you through a voice of one such as you, one who innately knows that she must obey My Will. She oftentimes worries about those who she finds cannot believe such a Miracle of My Love that I am handing to the world.

My Presence to her is as evident to her as yours is to her, but It is Greater in depth and there is a Closeness beyond what mankind can comprehend closeness to be, for as I use her mind, I use her will. I draw her attention to Me, and through this attention My Direction is followed immediately.

The world has not experienced a Miracle such as This One, and many throughout the world find it difficult to believe that I would pick such a little one for such a Major Gift of My Divine Love. It is sad when I hear some say they cannot understand a Gift of This Measure, through a human being. I have always used human beings, because you see, man can relate to man easily.

It is important for you to understand on this night that you have been Blessed because of your Faith. You also have been Blessed because your awareness of Truth and the Importance of That Portion of you that is Part of Me, is within you.

Maybe on the surface it will not show to others what you feel, what you understand, but you are the custodian of a Soul, and you must remember this at all times, no matter where you are, what you are doing, who you are with. This Portion of Me that is within you is Special, because It is quiet and it is My Love for you that placed It there, and when you return It to Me, I want It to be in a Light of Glory because of your love for Me.

For some it is difficult, outside This Miracle, to believe such an Occurrence as This, and it is also difficult for many to believe that I would speak through a little one such as they are, but all through time I have used different ones to reach mankind, instructing mankind in how to love Me deeper, more personally, because of the Soul that I placed within them at the moment of conception.

It saddens Me that I hear so many impurities, immoralities, indecencies being used against children. The innocence of a child is important to Me, because in that innocence that child can become ‘a Saint’ immediately.

You have been Blessed in many ways by your Faith in This Miracle of My Love. Your love for Me shows in many ways when you offer help to others, to give them strength physically, morally, mentally, spiritually. Though your love looks very normal to you, there are many facets to it, and I recognize each facet as important, because you see, I created you.

I am deeply saddened by those throughout the world who are ignoring The Commandments I gave a long time ago. They are yet to be seen as having come from Me, but mankind feels They are of the past, They no longer exist, and that is why, through This Miracle, I have many times and in many ways, made Them put in print so that others may read Them and see the Value of Them, in Them, for Them, because The Commandments of Mine are for all mankind, no matter what religion, no matter what age, no matter what country they are in. All races, all colors, all creeds are Mine. I created them.

It is important that This Miracle be spread throughout the world, and be done in a way of dignity, respect, and conscious of what It is all about, the Beauty It is, the Truth It is, the Love of Mine that is in It. When I hear someone reject It, it is sadness to Me, because you see, they make excuses to ignore That Important Part of them of Which I am a Part.

Right now, as I speak to you, there is sin going on throughout the world, all races, all colors, all creeds, and some of them stand open to mankind and act as though it is a normal act because they are human, but it is nothing but a vile impurity.

I see all ages ignoring the Fact that they were born for a Reason. I hear excuses all the time. That is one of the Reasons I gave This Great Miracle to the world. This Miracle did not just happen. It was planned a long, long, long time ago.

It is important that mankind understand that as you speak to others, you should speak to Me. As you think about being kind to someone, think this way about being kind to Me. I share everything you do. I am a Part of everything you are a part of. This may be difficult for some to understand, but as you have a Soul within you that is a Portion of Me, I am Present in everything you do, everything you say, everything you think.

You are Blessed, My little ones, for your Faith on this night, and you must, in your actions, pass this love on in dignity to others you know, others you see, others you talk to, because you represent a Portion of Me. And let no man, woman or child rob you of this love you have for the Soul you know is within you, because as you meet others, your Soul responds to their Soul.

You do not feel It, you do not understand It, but it is this way, and sometimes I see one Soul crying out to the other One, saying: ‘I need help, because the one in whom I am walks in total impurity. Pray for Me, and pray for the one in whom I am, because I do not want The Father to be upset. My Love remains with Him in every way, in everything that I am involved in, through the one in whom I was given at the moment of conception.’

Now if you were to tell this story to some who have studied many, many books, perhaps they would not understand it, but don’t stop there. Let their own abilities, their own degree of Faith act accordingly, but I promise you that the goodness you show, the love you show, will leave a mark wherever you go, and that mark will one day remind them that they met you, and you were kind, you were generous, but you also represented something More they could not put their finger on, but their Soul will know.

Your Soul is much a Part of you and your Soul is a Portion of Me. Allow no one to ever disagree with you on that Fact, that Truth, because your Soul will one day stand before Me. When that day is, only I will know, but every day that you live, your Soul is in contact with Me. So be it.”