For Holy Communion

“Ask forgiveness on the way to Him. Say to yourself: ‘Forgive me for my sins. Help me to better understand The Commandments You gave.’

Saint Augustine
November 25, 1973

“It is not too late to have sorrow for sin, to ask forgiveness. Keep this in mind. So on the morrow when you walk for this Great Sacrament, say:
‘God, please forgive me my sins. Make me know what You Will of me. Make me follow Your Commands. Help me to do Your Will. Help me to help others know what You want of them. Help me to have the strength to teach others the beauty of Penance, the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist and the privilege it is.’

Saint Augustine
November 25, 1973


“Dear God, I dedicate my life to Your service. Let me kneel each day and offer You prayers in the manner in which You love so much to receive them.
Let me also, my God, serve You in my daily life, in my daily acts, and teach me to release Souls from bondage so that They, too, can serve You in the Heavens.
I beseech You, my God, to favor me with Your Love.
Accept my wickedness, my weakness, and help me turn these things into all acts of love.
Teach me, my God, to follow the way Our Blessed Mother wants us to follow. Help me to teach all men of Your Love for them. Let our very presence show only You. So be it.”

Saint Joseph
June 12, 1969

“Have you accepted The Divine One in your little way? Have you walked up to the railing, or have you stood in a scrupulous way? Have you walked up to the railing to say, ‘Oh, God, come to me today and let me feel the Truth You are; give me the strength to follow every step of the way’?”

Saint Bernard
October 4, 1972

“It is truly He Who stands in this small Particle for each of thee. Hold It in your breast and as you have Him there, say:
‘God, help me to walk in purity each day.
God, help me to know what I must do,
what I must say to help others walk Your Way. Dear God, help me to become so pure that my time of reparation is short before I enter the Kingdom with You.’
For you see, My children, All Things that enter the Kingdom of Heaven must be purified before they see the Face of Him.”

Saint Anthony Mary Claret
November 27, 1974