Saint Bernard

c. 1090 - 1153

Saint Bernard

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 4, 1972 at 11:03 am


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am Saint Bernard. You have heard My Name. A few of you know My way, and yet The Father says to Me, ‘Bernard, go to the children and teach them how to pray.’ I come through this child in a way of voice, with All Truth, and pass It on to you in your own physical way.

Men are shouting out: ‘God, teach me how to pray. Tell me how to do Your Will and I will do it Your Way.’ I ask you now from Heaven Where I am, ‘Will you really do it as I say?’ Those of you who have not yet had the water poured on you, will you do it soon? For, you see, in the pouring of this water, a cleansing will come to each of thee: a Sacrament of Life, a Sacrament of Truth, a Sacrament of Purpose, God-given to you. So, if you know of a child, no matter what the age, that the water has not yet been poured, speak out, speak up, and see that it is done soon.

And now I say: ‘Have you taught a child to pray? Have you yourself prayed today? Have you accepted The Divine One in your little way? Have you walked up to the railing, or have you stood in a scrupulous way? Have you walked up to the railing to say, “Oh, God, come to me today and let me feel the Truth You are; give me the strength to follow every step of the way”?’

Another thing, My children, have you thought about the Beads, the Beads of Her Way? So many children say they are no longer needed, no longer wanted, and have no more power. This is satan’s way, for one of the greatest heresies of your day is following the evil one, in evil ways; ‘satanic’, that it’s called, takes you only to the walls of Hell where he stays. There is no love from him, no caring about you in any way. He says, ‘Take your pride and ego, build it up, and it will suffice for all times, for all men.’ So if you feel this is the way, please, My children, walk away. It will give you nothing to lean upon and no strength, inside or out.

I, Saint Bernard, come and I do not shout, but if it would lead you to God, I would do it this way. There is no man who stands in the world, who could stand and give the Wisdom that We give you through this child, in your day. The Father chose This Way to teach you, to give you and to serve you. Oh, My children, be aware that on this day you have been given a Lesson God’s Way: how to pray, how to love, how to serve, how to show to The Father that you love Him above all things.

As I leave, Another desires to speak to you. Can you follow this Saint to Heaven Where God wants you? So be it.”