Mother Frances, God’s True Mystic

“…always ready to do My Will, always ready to please Me, always ready to set aside any man so that I may speak with Wisdom.”

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God gave The Miracle of Saint Joseph to the world in 1967 through Frances Marie Klug, a True Mystic who became known as Mother Frances.

True Mysticism is an extraordinary way of life that occurs when God is in Direct Communication with a Chosen Soul. Mother Frances lived in total submission to God’s Will. For 42 years, Heaven communicated directly to the world through the voice of Mother Frances, who received Messages and Visions from Heaven through the Ears and Eyes of her Soul.

As a True Mystic, Mother Frances accepted the responsibility of Spiritual Gifts that allowed her to accommodate the Will of God at a moment’s notice for the sake of Souls. She accepted God’s Gift of Bilocation, whereby a True Mystic can be in two places at once under His Direction. Mother Frances also received the Holy Oils of Saint Joseph that would flow through her hands, and she suffered from the Invisible Stigmata. To learn more about these Spiritual Gifts that Mother Frances experienced, see Life of Mother Frances – Timeline.

Heaven often referred to Mother Frances as this child, or the little one or the instrument, along with other phrases describing her relationship to God as a True Mystic. For examples, see the following Revelation Excerpts.

To gain a fuller, in-depth understanding of the path that Mother Frances walked as a True Mystic, please see the booklet True Mysticism.