Saint Martin
de Porres

1579 - 1639

Saint Martin de Porres

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 3, 1972 at 9:51 pm


“My children, I am Saint Martin de Porres. No man sees This Miracle of Love as It truly is. This child walks with All of Heaven, is alert to All Here, and yet man tries hard to not accept this great physical fare. There are so many things to be delivered through this child who walks in complete obedience to God’s Will, Who is Here.

Men will gather from far places, to the place she will be put by God. They will fight to stand so they may hear Our Words, Our Direction, Our Love.

Man screams out: ‘It is too simple to believe, too simple to understand, too simple to accept. She is but man.’

All Heaven is made up of children who walked the land. We join in Love Here Where I am to reach you, so you, too, will come Here and spend Eternity with The Divine.

This little instrument, this little fork, this little funnel, this little faucet, this little channel, is God’s Link to man. Of course, there are many links, but this link is special in God’s Plan. He has many names for this child. All names carry a great burden with them. No man understands the Magnitude of her walking on land.

The day will come and men will come forward to say that their lives have changed and they are willing now to go totally God’s Way. God will smile when this occurs and He will offer, once again, His Hand. And at no time, when this occurs, will this child feel satisfaction, happiness, joy. It is not for her, in the world of men.

Those who deny belief, Faith in This Miracle of such Great Love, will be sent away, placed in another direction, for The Father says no man is to stand in her way, because through her He delivers His Directions, His Teachings, His Words, His Plan. If He had chosen a man, there would have been more difficulty in the completion of the Plan. Also, there are many reasons why a child such as she was chosen for this great task to bring men to Eternity with God.

The tiresome road is one alone; the tightrope she walks, one alone. The width of it is less than a fishing line, and man is constantly trying to knock her off this rope. Is this not sad? Sometimes when despair sets in and fear grips her, she says to God, ‘Hold my hand.’ And He says, ‘Child, I will never let go, for I alone can sustain you. No man can.’

No man has ever been asked to walk such a treacherous road, such a tedious way. Only now has this occurred, in your day and in your way. The child was prepared by God. Sometimes the beloved Saint Michael took over. Man, in looking upon her, at her, does not see the Preparation that had to be. Man does not see the sadness that occurred, the great fight of the physical to not be taken over in this manner. All man sees is surface, unless he opens his heart, opens his mind, and desires to love God more.

There are men who, when they abuse, when they have little respect for how she must walk, they will have to be eliminated because of the great burden they place upon her. It will be done in what man would term ‘a natural force’. God allows it because of the strain, because of His Love. And He will allow no man to delay this Great Miracle in your time, your way. Crowds will gather, children will come, just to see the woman that God has used, is using, will use as an instrument.

I hold her deep, for the weariness of her physical is one alone. The bank of Wisdom that has passed through her is one alone. The burden that she feels is one alone. The care, the love, that she bears for all given to her protection through the Spiritual Way, is one alone. The momentum that This Miracle has now is far greater than man knows. She is no longer able to use her will in totally man’s way. It is allowed to a fraction and that is all. Her heart has been placed in The Tabernacle with His. There it will remain until the end of her days.

When He took the physical it was to move her forth and back, back and forth, where He desired her to be, for if He had not done this, she would have said: ‘I cannot go. I must remain here, God, where there is need.’ So, on the last taking, the whole body accepted His Will. No man walks in this way. No man talks These Words in your day. The child must be protected for she is a target for unscrupulous people.

Her love for God is her blind spot for it is what makes her serve Him, totally. To be blind like this is one alone. She has said to Him, ‘Let the blindness I feel serve only You.’ He has accepted this. No man knows the future times that this child will suffer Gethsemanes. Many have occurred. Each one she has walked away from, thanking The Father that it was over. He has no intention of removing the chalice from her, even when she pleaded for it to be done.

You are blessed through This Miracle of Hope. Men will gather on the morrow to hear Us speak. One Soul will be healed. One Soul will return to the Ultimate Gift. One Soul will suddenly feel the need to confess. One Soul will suddenly feel the need to live in truth.

I say to you now, ‘Is This Miracle worthy of you?’ Think of These Words. They will mean much one day to you. I will release her slowly, for her physical cannot take the great change that takes place in this communication with you. You are blessed. Be aware of it. Thank God for it. Remember the question I asked. So be it.”