What is The Miracle of Saint Joseph?

“All of Heaven is delivering in a personal way,
Rays of Hope, Rays of Direction.”

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The Miracle of Saint Joseph began on July 28, 1967 in Southern California and continued for more than 42 years. God chose Frances Marie Klug, a True Mystic, as His instrument to deliver The Miracle of Saint Joseph to the world.

Heaven’s Messages, called Revelations or Teachings, were delivered spontaneously through Frances Klug. They were meticulously transcribed and documented exactly as spoken, without alteration, in a collection known as Stories From Heaven. All of Heaven — God The Father, the Angels and the Saints — spoke through The Miracle of Saint Joseph.

Heaven emphasized that this Miracle is for people of all races, all colors and all creeds. Heaven also taught mankind that Sainthood is the Purpose of Life, that the Soul of every human being is a Portion of God, and that anyone can earn a place in Heaven by using The Ten Commandments as a blueprint for daily living. To learn more about The Miracle of Saint Joseph, see the following Revelation Excerpts.