God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 24, 1977 at 10:05 pm


“My beloved children, much trouble occurred because of man’s inadequate manner in taking care of the History I have decreed to come to the world; written, not just verbal, for all of mankind to hear, to read, to absorb, to follow, to remember.

I am The Father of all mankind. I am The Creator of All Things. The child through whom I speak is an instrument of Mine. She talks for Me, only because My Voice would frighten mankind. The Power I Am, the Force I Am, the Strength I Am, the Love I Am, the Action I Am, the Light I Am, the Purpose for which I would come to the world, would be too terrifying for mankind to withstand, so I use an instrument, a human being, a child I created, for this Purpose I intend.

The whole world needs This Great Miracle that I have sent forth upon the earth, to extend My Power and My Love, My Light and My Hope, for men of all kinds to come Above. The Soul of each man must be delivered unto Me, must respond to Whom I Am, What I Am, How I Am; and the Soul cries out for the Light It knows I Am. You have light in this room. Your light is but an imitation of the Light of your Soul. The Soul reflects everything you are. The Soul is My Love for you. How else could the life of a human being be restored, carried on, unless there was a Connection between Me and you, to remain forever?

I have given This Great Miracle to the world, to draw Souls Who would otherwise be lost, for the little direction of truth, the little motivation for purity, exactness, that is needed for Souls to be with Me for All Eternity. This child through whom I speak is an instrument of Mine, the voice I intend for all men to hear and follow the Direction that I have given, I am giving, and I will give for a time.

Men say, ‘History was written before,’ and I, your Father, speak and say, ‘Never before have I sent so Many Saints of Mine to the world to give strength to children of all kinds to pay Honor to Me.’ I have gathered Those Who are with Me and I have given Them the format, the means, the manner, the way. I have given Them the Direction to give Light to all children throughout the world, so children will better understand the Purpose of life.

There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens with Me, Saints Who walked a long time ago upon the same earth you walk upon, Who experienced the same sun that gives you warmth and light, Who experienced the same moon, the same atmosphere, the same hopes, the same dreams, the same goals. They are Here with Me now, and They, in Their desire to draw more Here, are working endlessly, giving Words, Direction through This Miracle that I have sent to the world.

It has been a long time since this child has known rest as man knows rest to be, but at the moment of total commitment, and she said, ‘Whatever You desire, God, I will do, I promise You,’ I looked at her and I said, ‘There will be many times, My little one, you will not be able to withstand the hardship, the burden, the hurt, the turmoil, and the weight of man.’ But her eagerness to please Me was a love I depended upon.

And now I come to the world openly, and I am your Father, Heavenly, and I say, ‘The Words so small, the Words I use, are your terms, your terminology; Words you understand with the tongue of your way, with the understanding, the Light, the knowledge that you have been taught to use.’ I use This Manner of communication, for how else would you understand for Me to say, ‘I love you much, My little ones; I teach you much through This Great Miracle of Justice, Mercy, Hope, Light, Action.’

If I were to speak in the tongues of other lands you would not understand, but in My Love, I will draw men of all lands to the Place I have chosen; a Place, not so distinct in lines, manner, but a Place that men will be able to see the Magnitude of Me, the Hope in Me, the Generosity of Me, and they will want to come closer to Me, through the Teaching, through the memory of how they were taught, What they were taught.

And above all, I want men to know about The Commandments I gave to give strength, force and direction. How else could men not stray? They needed The Rules and The Regulations to live by. They also needed a place to worship Me; one, in which and through which I would have a Distinct Participation, and one, in which and through which I would guide Every Particle of It so that men would understand more what I wanted, what I desired, and how they, in their way, could help others come to Me, My Way. I sent a Part of Me, a Son, and I gave to the world the structure, the format, the formation, the truths. This is how it was begun.

I come through this child to give to the world all the things that I know will give men strength to come Here one day with Me. I speak slowly through this child for the littleness of her body receiving the Power I Am, to the degree I know she can stand, is in so many ways, a Gift man cannot comprehend. The child is exhausted in the physical way. Men do not understand this type of exhaustion, but as I leave her tonight in the verbal way, the responsibility I leave is like the roar of the ocean, the beat of the waves, the weight of the mountains throughout the world, plus the weight of the sands throughout the world; and I add, the soils in the earth this child bears for This Great Miracle to be handed to the world.

Men are negligent in response to her, respect for how she stands. Men procrastinate, and when they do, this child knows that the suffering she must endure for their procrastination, their delays, is far more than they could handle in any way. So you will find her less tolerant of man’s delays. You will find her more commanding, more demanding, for she knows that for every delay she must balance it in a given way.

I bless the whole world through this child and I say, ‘As I draw all corners of the world to This Great Miracle and I draw all men’s eyes to the Truth I Am, this child stands totally subservient to My Will, consistently and constantly listening to My Will to be done each day.’

I have warned you on procrastination and I would suggest that you pass it on to other men. They may resent it but when they do, say this to them: ‘Won’t it be sad if The Father delays you entering the Kingdom of Heaven?’ for, every delay this child must endure, a Soul waits outside for Me to say, ‘Come, child, the reparation should be short; do it quickly and come My Way.’ So be it.”