“Heavenly Father, please give me the courage, the understanding and the will to see things in the manner, way and degree that will not harm my Soul.
Thank You, Father, for this day that I have learned to remember to ask Your Advice, even when I do not pray.”

Saint Andrew
August 19, 2003

“When you are in your daily work, offer this work to God. When you finish the day, give thanks for all the things that came your way. Good or bad, be sure you say, ‘Thank You, God,’ for you see, My children, sometimes an unhappiness is allowed to give you strength.”

Saint Joseph
March 19, 1972

“Please remember to say, ‘Thank You, God, for the strength to have lived one more day.’

God The Father
March 21, 1972

“Say to Him on the waking hours, ‘I thank You, my God, for this time, for this way.’ And as you pass through the day, keep in mind, a thought for Him will grant you Grace from The Divine.”

Saint Martin de Porres
July 12, 1972

“Men say, ‘Why was I born?’ Men say, ‘Oh why, God, do I have all these troubles today?’ What men should be saying is this:
‘Thank You, God, for the privilege of living the physical way.
Thank You, God, for the privilege of serving in my little way.
Thank You for giving me the time.
Thank You for divulging to me the path to The Divine.
Thank You for allowing me to be a Saint.
Thank You for giving me The Commandments, for without Them I would have no Rules to live by, no Way.
Thank You for my neighbor, not so much to love my neighbor but to teach my neighbor love for You.’

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
July 8, 1973

“It is your will that will one day hand a Pure Soul to God, and you will say:
‘It was difficult, God, for so many times men tried to draw me away. But I understood in a moment of truth that my will was my way, and You gave it to me in a quiet way at the moment of my conception as a human being, to one day live in the world.
Thank You, God, for the privilege.
Thank You, God, for the time.
Thank You, God, for the strength that I learned to have, that I worked at, so I could one day live with You in the Divine.’

Saint Teresa of Avila
September 11, 1985

“Thank You, God, for the privilege of learning What You are teaching today through The Saints Who have walked before, through the Love You have shown to the entire world for all time, in all ways, all days.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
July 8, 1973

“I beseech you to thank The Father for allowing you the freedom of how you think and what you do, because through your freedom, you have been gifted to be the protector of your Soul, allowing no one else to cause harm to It.
You are Blessed in many ways, and when you say a prayer, a request, or a ‘Thank You’, it is heard in a beautiful way.”

The Sacred Heart
November 8, 2000

“Thank You, God, for the Care, the Love, the Mercy, the Direction and the Faith You gave me and showed me, so I might know that I should not fear life, but be thankful for the privilege of it, and the Goal, to become a Saint.”

“My Letter To God”
January 5, 1979

“When you are alone, or even when you are with others, train yourself to think His Way, and every once in awhile it wouldn’t hurt if you would say, ‘I love You, God; thank You for today.’

Our Heavenly Mother
August 26, 1992

“Thank You, God, I love You.”

Saint Not Named
February 18, 2006

“My Blessing is this: Wisdom comes in full measure when an individual can say:
‘I love You, God, thank You for making me who I am, and the Treasure of the Soul that is within me. Thank You, God, for the Faith that gives me strength to endure all obstacles, and thank You, God, for the time in every day.’

Saint Andrew
September 1, 1995

“We want everyone who lives in the human way to one day return to Heaven and be able to say:
‘Thank You, God, for helping me, because I want to be a Saint, but You are The Only One Who can give me the strength to endure what I am to endure for my Soul’s sake.
Please, God, help me. I love You and I want to follow Your Will in every way. Please, Heavenly Father, say that my prayers are acceptable to You, and my will is what You want it to be in what I think, do and say.
Thank You, God, for the privilege to be a human being and know what prayer means. It is a communication between Heaven and me.’

Many Saints
January 9, 2007