Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 8, 1973 at 5:48 pm


“People have forgotten the beauty of suffering, the beauty of fear, the beauty of just being here, for I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, say to the world, through this child on this day: ‘To walk a human form, a human way, to take what comes — use it. Don’t depend upon it, but use it to serve in a special way. Ask God each day to do His Will. Ask God each day to allow you to forfeit many things for the sake of others who He desires to come to Him, perhaps in a different way. Talk to God, not in a fanatical way, not in an ethereal way, but in a very practical, normal, human way. He loves you. He created you for this.’

Men say, ‘Why was I born?’ Men say, ‘Oh why, God, do I have all these troubles today?’ What men should be saying is this:

‘Thank You, God, for the privilege of living the physical way.

Thank You, God, for the privilege of serving in my little way.

Thank You for giving me the time.

Thank You for divulging to me the path to The Divine.

Thank You for allowing me to be a Saint.

Thank You for giving me The Commandments, for without Them I would have no Rules to live by, no Way.

Thank You for my neighbor, not so much to love my neighbor but to teach my neighbor love for You.’

That’s what’s wrong with the world. People are shouting ‘Love’, but what they really want is love for themselves. What they really want is their neighbor to love them. And I, Saint Alphonsus say, ‘Many times I desired love from man and when I looked into his face, all I found was rejection, but in my heart I knew it was God’s Plan.’

One day when I was very ill, I lay upon the cot. I lay there and I said, ‘Oh God, help me; I am suffering a lot,’ and in my heart I knew that others had suffered before me and others would suffer after me, and suddenly I realized that suffering was a special way to serve.

Oh, My children, through this child All Heaven speaks. Through this child you are given the privilege to hear, and those who cannot hear with the physical ears must be taught by the hands, the Revelations firsthand. They must be taught to know What God is delivering to the world through a human Soul.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Others are Here to speak to you today,’ and as you listen, do not be frightened but say,

‘Thank You, God, for the privilege of learning What You are teaching today through The Saints Who have walked before, through the Love You have shown to the entire world for all time, in all ways, all days.’ So be it.”