City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope

“Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope must one day
glow in the sun and Souls must be saved.”

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Through The Miracle of Saint Joseph, Heaven taught the world that anyone can become a Saint. God also expressed His desire for people of all races, colors and creeds to benefit from the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope. The City was intended as a place of tremendous beauty, hope and peace for people throughout the world to visit. Each edifice, inside and out, was designed by Heaven. Many obstacles prevented the City of God from coming to fruition, including the dramatic rise of secularism in government entities and society as a whole.

Perhaps one day in the future, the world will see the magnificent City of God. Nevertheless, the Sound Teaching and Sound Direction given through The Miracle of Saint Joseph will benefit people everywhere for generations to come.

The proposed design for the City of God, Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope is described in the following Revelation Excerpts.