“Let us take now this Great Hill of Hope. Oh, My children,
it is not just a hill as you know a hill to be; it is a Special Place, designed by The Father, to guide man to Eternity.”

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Based on descriptions given by Heaven through Mother Frances in Revelations and Visions given in the early 1970’s, volunteer artists and architects prepared renderings of several edifices to be built on Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope. Plans called for construction on the Hill of Hope to be organized into two sides flanking a ravine that naturally divides the 440-acre property, to represent mankind’s Spiritual and physical well-being.

The Spiritual side in this magnificent project would house a beautiful Basilica dedicated to The Holy Trinity with a place of honor for Saint Joseph, a Chapel to Our Lady, and a Room of Saints. The physical side would include a home for the elderly, convent, amphitheater, hospital with medical research center, pilgrim house, museum, monastery, retreat house and much more. You can view an aerial map that shows the proposed edifice locations here.

Click any of the following images to learn more about Heaven’s Vision for each structure that was intended for the City of God building project.