God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 6, 1973 at 2:30 pm


“My beloved son, the world must know of this child and of this Hill that I have given to them, for them to see the Reality of Me. The world must understand that This Miracle I have given to men is to show men the Justice of Me. All men, of all races, all colors, all creeds, will one day stand upon the Hill and notice Me.

I have set aside a place, a museum as such, to teach children from all over the world, Church History. I will show them the degree man has moved in, and the manner in which man deviated from My Original Plan through My Son, when He stood in the midst of man teaching My Love, My Way, My Truth, and the Goal I had for My children from all over the world. Man will call it ‘a Museum of Church History’. I will call it ‘the link between man and Me’. Men will enter the doors and find out truth. They will see My Son stand there and they will learn, through pictures, through words, how other men took What He had, What He said, and used It in another manner because, perhaps for some small reason, they did not agree totally with My Plan.

All things will be seen on this land. Men will come and they will stay days to absorb all the Teachings I will give through statuary, through Great Words, and through the charity and love they will feel here in the type of unity I want, not the type designed by man.

The child is but a small instrument of My Power and men with great knowledge will have to bend. Men of great learning will have to see, through the simplicity of her Way, her Words, her Obedience, I Am; and they will see the Profoundness of It to a great degree. The child has stood before thousands, the child has faced thousands of men. There are thousands more, and with each child she faces for Me, I deliver My Wisdom for the Great End which, in reality, is not end but beginning.

I have come to the world through this child openly, lovingly, and yes, to teach justice first, then hope, then love; for, through justice comes hope, through justice comes pure love. Men all over the world are shouting, ‘Love me, love each other, love is the theme.’ I, your Father, come through this child and I say, ‘Let there be justice and then you will have love, purely.’

All men must one day come to face this child who stands alone for Me. No man understands This Great Miracle I have given to the world. They are trying to compare It with other times. It cannot be. So, this lonely instrument stands on a tightrope across the ravine, knowing that only My Hand, My Power, My Justice, can hold her to the rope which man swings. I have come today with These Words. They must be passed on to thousands. It is My Will, My Way.

I, your Father, bless each child here with a Power and in a Power you cannot see, you cannot feel, for if I were to allow you to feel It, It would be too much for each of thee. I bless you with the Desire for Justice, I bless you with Wisdom, I bless you in Truth, I bless you with Hope, and I say, ‘Let all colors, let all creeds come My Way.’ So be it.”