Asking for Forgiveness

“Daily do you say:
‘God, please forgive me for what I have permitted to occur impurely. God, forgive me for acting unkind, losing my temper, when all I wanted was self-satisfaction, thus ignoring the other individual’s time, thinking and opinion.’

Saint Jude Thaddeus
April 24, 2001

“I, your Heavenly Grandmother, love to hear a child say:
‘God, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.’ Keep in mind, when you say this, it is loved by The Divine, and then We in turn say, ‘God, did You hear the child?’ He says, ‘Yes.’ And then I very lovingly say, ‘Through this act of humility, may I share in the Grace the child’s way?’ He never refuses Me a thing, for you see, I hand out cookies in the form of Grace that men cannot see.”

Saint Anne
November 25, 1973

“Do not forget to say you are sorry. Do not forget to apologize, and do not forget to ask God to bless you tonight for the errors you made, for in the errors, you could have delayed another child going to God today.”

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
August 17, 1973

“God is forgiving; but keep this in mind, that once you say, ‘I am sorry, God, help me today,’ be sure you mean it, for there is no merit to not meaning it, for He knows your heart and your Soul.”

Saint Mary Magdalene
March 16, 1972

“We must say again and again, ‘I’m sorry, God,’ and be sure we mean it when we say it, and be sure, too, that in our mind we are determined to cause fewer offenses against Him.”

“I’m Sorry, God”
March 22, 1980

“If I failed You today, God, give me another chance tomorrow, because I truly felt I was listening to everything You wanted. If I displeased You, tell me gently, for I could not bear to have You be harsh with me.”

Saint Not Named
June 27, 1976

“Before we lay our head we should say:
‘Have I offended You, God, today, or have I caused anyone else to offend You, by my attitude or any other thing that I might have done?’

Saint Not Named
January 5, 1979

“When you make a mistake apologize to Him, say: ‘I’m sorry, God, I should have known better. I should not have done that. I will try harder to please You and to show my love for You in my own private ways.’

Saint John Vianney
February 18, 1987

“Whenever you are in need, speak to Us. Whenever you forget to pray, turn to Us and say, ‘I’m sorry, I will remember to do it better on another day.’

Saint Teresa of Avila
November 1, 1992

“Do not ask others to lead you, but turn to The Father and say:
‘I have sinned, please help me.
I am concerned, please help me.
I walk in doubt, please guide me.
Oh God, help me be a Saint.’

Saint Mary Magdalene
November 25, 1972

“God, I am sorry for the offenses I have given You through my weaknesses, in my way.’ An Act of Contrition, man calls it; and then I would suggest you say an Act of Faith, Hope, Charity, Love.”

Saint Joseph
March 14, 1973

“The day will come, and as you stand before Him the Blessings will be so many, and the Love He will extend to you, far beyond your knowledge, and you will say:
‘Oh, my God, I am so sorry I neglected You so much of the time. Teach those I love to love You more.’ A chance yet for you to teach them yourselves. A beautiful beginning for a beautiful end, which will be the true beginning.”

Saint Joseph
March 30, 1970

“My beloved children, there are some of you who have scruples; you do not know what to do. There are some of you who are placing so much emphasis on things you have done and the things you want to do. Oh, My children, say to God,
‘Please forgive me, God, and let me better understand what You want of me, what You have planned my way.’

Saint Mary Magdalene
November 25, 1972

“Ask forgiveness on the way to Him. Say to yourself: ‘Forgive me for my sins. Help me to better understand The Commandments You gave.’

Saint Augustine
November 25, 1973

“We should always ask forgiveness for our offending God in any way. Man expects us to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘Excuse me.’ Is not God more worthy than man to hear us say, ‘I’m sorry,’ and mean it?”

March 15, 1981

“I realize that I am not reaching for the purity You intended for my Soul. At this moment, Dear God, I want You to accept my love, because I am truly sorry for all my past offenses against each of Your Ten Commandments, and I beg of You to give me the strength to never offend You again. If I do, please Dear God, show me some sign that I must not offend You again.”

March 20, 1984

“So many times The Father hears, ‘Have mercy on me, God,’ but how many times does man say: ‘I will repent. I will seek only Your Will in my daily way of living, in all my example. God, help me to be merciful to others. God, help me to be a strength of sound morality to others. God, help me, through my example, to help the Souls of others become Great Saints’?”

Saint Tobias
October 21, 1992

“Every man should, before he lays his head at night, say, ‘Oh my God, forgive me for my weaknesses today, for all the things that did not show right.’

Saint Peter Canisius
September 24, 1972


“Oh my God,
I am heartily sorry
For having offended Thee.
I detest all my sins
Because I dread the loss of Heaven
And the pains of Hell,
But most of all
Because they offend Thee, my God,
Who art All Good
And deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve
With the Help of Thy Grace
To ‘CORRECT’ my sins,
To do penance,
And to amend my life. Amen.”

“Logic tells us that to ‘CORRECT’ something takes much more sincerity, understanding its importance, than to just ‘confess’ it, because it is easier to confess a wrong than to ‘RIGHT IT’ by ‘CORRECTING IT’. ”

“Can One Word Make It More Applicable – Meaningful And Understanding – Plus Correct?”
January 5, 1997